Kickstarter: The Power of Twelve

Twelve. A lot of things have ties to the number twelve. The twelve disciples, the twelve days of Christmas, time on a clock is numbered one through twelve, there are twelve months in a year, a dozen eggs, a dozen cookies, a dozen donuts, a dozen of anything, and many other things. Today, my focus will be on twelve days. Twelve days and this Kickstarter will come to an end. Preferably, it will end and be successfully funded.

This week has seen a lot of updates for the project. Lately, I have been working with the amazingly talented artist Sean Yager in developing artwork for the Tarot card reward. This artwork will also be featured in plain black and white in the novel. However, just look at the art. The hardcover book reward comes with full color Tarot cards. Eventually, I plan on developing this into a full deck of Tarot cards based on the series, thus the identification name and number for the standard major arcana.

I am excited to bring everyone some good news. There are some new rewards and some reduced pricing on existing rewards! Magnets are now available as a reward and are priced at $3. The guitar pick and bookmark reward price has been lowered to $3 as well! The pricing for the PDF copy of the book has been lowered to $5. The paperback edition of the book complete with guitar pick and bookmark is now $10. This brings the total of rewards available for $10 and below to six different rewards to choose from! The gun USB drive reward price has been lowered to $20. The Ducky Tie price has been lowered to $50 (personally, I think it is a bargain for humiliating myself for a total of 365 days). The last new reward is the ultimate edition of the Bad Blood Rising release. It has everything that the hardcover book reward has plus you will get your very own plush version of Odin from the book that I will be customizing myself, complete with purple collar, lightning bolt charm, and eye patch. There will only be two plush Odins made; one for this reward and one for my personal collection.

There is a new video posted of me reading the sample of Bad Blood Rising. Please check it out! I’ve added a new art gallery page to my website as well.

Next weekend is Gen-Con in Indianapolis, IN. I will be in attendance on Saturday and will be giving out bookmarks and guitar picks randomly to attendees. If you will be in attendance I hope to see you there! I will be dressed as Guy from Street Fighter. In the afternoon, I can be found in the seminars with Jim Butcher.


Jake Jeffries


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