The Bad Blood Continues to Rise

The Kickstarter was not successful, but I am not letting that slow me down. The sand in the hourglass keeping track of when the book will be available has almost completely fallen to the bottom. Lately, I have been researching how to properly navigate the channels of social media. In that regard, I have figured out how to consistently link my blog to all accounts. There is a new Facebook page for me as well. Feel free to like it if you haven’t already. There is a new widget on the sidebar to the right. Also, there is a new Amazon Author Central page. Originally, I had planned on releasing some exclusive samples through a mailing list on the website. After some extensive research I discovered that a hosted mailing list form couldn’t be installed on my .com site, it would have to be changed to a premium .org site. So, this blog is now the new mailing list! Please sign up on the right if you would like my blog to show up directly in your E-mail for the sake of convenience. Stay posted for news about events that I will be at, contests I will be hosting, exclusive blog content, and information about new releases.

Some of the currently planned exclusive content will be character creation sheets with more detailed background about characters at a glance, some will be more information about characters that have been killed off. Also, I am currently working on planning out a Bad Blood Rising short story.

I have upgraded the sample to include Chapters 3-4. The sample now encompasses Chapters 1-4.


For those of you that have already downloaded the first sample and do not wish to read the first two Chapters again, here is the link for only Chapters 3-4.

Sample Chapters 3-4


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