Blood Moon Rising

Greetings Everyone!

On October 8th there was a lunar eclipse that created a blood moon that was fully visible from my location in Indiana. It was exciting! I’ve always been fascinated by the universe and enjoy astronomy. I’m also excited about the total solar eclipse that will be happening on August 21st, 2017. The best place to be for it will be Paducah, KY which luckily for me isn’t too far away.

There are some that believe the blood moon is a sign of bad omens and possibly a symbol of the end times. However, for me it is a sign of good omens and a symbol of a beginning. The beginning of the Dark Watchman.

The last few weeks have been interesting. I’ve survived running fifteen miles in the first marathon I have ever ran in. If only I had Vangetsu’s endurance and flash step ability. The final editing phases of Bad Blood Rising are also now complete. The limited run of Tarot cards for the hardcover edition turned out very well! I am extremely excited about them. So excited, that I ordered some extras to include with the paperback versions that are purchased directly from me (while supplies last). Also, I have ordered some dice from Chessex to use as a promotional tool for D.W.P. that turned out amazing. Stay posted because I plan on organizing a book launch/signing event in the near future that will have everything available that I have been gathering in preparation for the book release. Paperback books, hardcover books, the Tarot cards, free dice (while supplies last), free guitar picks (while supplies last), and free bookmarks. In addition to the books, I plan on having magnets, a plush Odin, and a coffee mug for sale. I may make the magnets and coffee mugs available in the store too once I figure that out. Currently, I have a magnet available for the book cover.

There is now a poll on the art gallery page. I am trying to gauge interest for which character art to turn into a magnet next.

Bad Blood Rising is now live on Amazon! Paperback books are available and it is available for the Kindle. I have updated my books page accordingly. My store page currently has magnets and flash drives for sale. Flash drives are loaded with a PDF of the book and are limited. Any leftover hardcover books from the book signings will be posted to the store page.

The book is also up on Goodreads, be sure to add it to your shelves.


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