Vangetsu Ocelot

  1. Name: Vangetsu Ocelot, Walking Death
  2. Age: 2009
  3. Birthday: February, 4th 5 A.D. (Reference to Job 2:4-5. Even though February didn’t exist when Vangetsu was born he knows this date since he is still living.)
  4. Race: Vampire
  5. Height: 6’5”
  1. Weight: 200 lbs
  1. Eye Color: Red
  1. Hair Style/Color: Shoulder length black hair
  2. Education: Self-taught and trained by experts
  3. Occupation: Retired General, Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Legion of Light Agent
  4. Hobbies: Killing vampires, hunting Mathias, reading, listening to classical music
  5. Weapons: Wields two revolvers and two swords. They are fastened to his waist using a double holster and twin sheaths. The revolvers on one side and the swords on another. His blood can be controlled by his will and he can use it as a weapon. He has martial arts skills as well.
  6. Marital Status: Widowed – Elise Ocelot was his wife.
  7. Children: 1 – Helena Belmont aka Eliza Belmont or Eliza Ocelot
  8. Favorite Color: Red
  9. Favorite Restaurant: The entire world is a restaurant
  10. Favorite Food: Blood
  11. Favorite Expression: Glare
  12. Favorite Song: Fur Elise by Beethoven
  13. Favorite Movie: Macbeth, the original performance
  14. Favorite TV Show: Dragnet
  15. Pet: Cat, Odin
  16. Bad Habit: Single minded focus
  17. What I Like About Myself: Nothing
  18. Who I Look Up To: God
  19. What Makes Me Laugh: Idiots
  20. What Makes Me Sad: Haunting memories
  21. How Do I Relax: Listening to Beethoven and reading a book
  22. What Word/Phrase Do I Use Most Often: “I will kill you.”
  23. Favorite Room In Home: Living room
  24. Goals: To avenge the murder of his family.
  25. Embarrassing Moment: Going overboard destroying an enemy while his allies watch.
  26. Favorite Article Of Clothing: Duster
  27. Pet Peeve: Mathias
  28. People Close To Me: Ramona, Odin, and Helena.
  29. One Word to Describe Me: Brooding.
  30. Favorite Holiday: Halloween
  31. What Is Important To Me: Revenge
  32. What I Can’t Do Without: Blood
  33. Source of Power: He was turned into a vampire by Mathias, but his powers were enhanced by drinking Reaper’s blood given to him by the Grim Reaper.
  34. Surprising Characteristic: Can control his blood to do whatever he wants and regenerate instantly.
  35. Weakness: Fire

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