Hello everyone,

This year marks the two-year anniversary of my poetry book An Attempt To Fill The Void… I’m excited to announce that soon I will have the second edition available.

Here are some poems I have written since then that I wish to share with you in honor of its birthday.


I’ve been broken beyond my means
Sitting silently lost in recollection
Perhaps losing more mind than there is to be found
Synapse signals crossing in a disarray of damnation
Will there be more than a memory to hold?
Will our darkest day make way for a brighter tomorrow?
If everything comes full circle will it crash at the end?
Can we elevate our harrowed hopes to more than pretend?
In the light of day our lives are illuminated
It’s alone in the shadows that we will be swallowed by sorrow
It is damning to dwell on pointless past miserations
Kindness can kill the worst degradation
May solace take hold when all else fails
With memory a weapon and grist as my guide
I will grind on through the sands of my life
May the waves never succeed in whisking me under

Time Where is Time

Time where is time?
Always escaping me
Time where is time?
Stuck in the sands of life
Eluding my illusions
Running from the rain
Watching wayfaring strangers
Succumbing to their strife
Sailing away from sorrows
Losing sense of time itself
Time when is time?
It’s happening all at once
Forgotten are the forlorn
Remembering is respite
Bound by blood to grains of grist
Eternally trapped by passing time
Madness claims another member
Hopelessly harrowing in Hell
Time where is time?
Lost but never found

The Phantom Pain

My heart, it bleeds
the pain, it grips me
with phantom limbs about my neck.
I have reached
the depths of my disdain.
Why was your life
silenced so suddenly?

Righteous Rain

We are here
But we are not here
The divine design of all
Sewn together by strands of silk
The sowers of discord are set to destroy
Threatening to steal away our strands
When we are woven together
We can distill the seeds of destruction
With the rain of righteousness
We must exist as equals
We must stand strong as one

It was all so Beautiful

It was all so beautiful.
Did I tell you the tale enough?
Did I tell you I loved you enough?
Our tale is so amazingly beautiful.
It is a habit, my admiring you.
Our two souls entwined.
There is energy in your touch.
There is love in your kisses.
Your hugs they comfort me.
Your voice, it sings to me.
My home is in your arms.
We are the sum of our memories.
I’ve counted a surplus of blessings.
Forget me not my love.
In your heart, I live on.
I will see you on the other side.

Seven Swords

We are the wielders of the seven swords
Imbued by the spirits contained within
We are the last hope of this languished world
Choked by the hands of an evil dictatorship
The Führer is but a villainous vaudevillian
The face of a fascist and fallible government
The axis of evil threatens to grind us into dust
Only seven stand in the way of suffering

A bullet named death

A bullet named death
Fired from the barrel of veritas
Seeking out the soul of the wicked
Evil shall not know the origin
The gun may have been in my hand
But the enemy pulled the trigger


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