Writing Process

My writing process usually consists of first creating a synopsis of the story. After I have a working synopsis I move to core character and world development by method of outlining. The outlines and synopsis usually grow throughout the entire writing process and act as a set of rules for the overall story to follow. Jim Butcher is my favorite author and has written some tips on writing via livejournal which have been very helpful. James Scott Bell has written many amazing books on the subject of writing as well. English has always been a course I have enjoyed and reading has always been a one of my favorite hobbies. Some of my biggest inspirations come from reading, movies, music, and life experiences. I try to include as many references to the former three as I can without overdoing it and/or crossing any boundaries. A technique I sometimes use is putting myself into the mindset of the character I am writing about and sometimes even talk out loud like I am having a conversation as that character. So the next time you think someone is crazy because they’re talking to themselves, it might be me or another writer so don’t be so quick to judge! Sometimes I take the time to even do rough sketches of how I picture some things to look even though my drawing skills are fairly sub-par. I try to do as much research as I can on something before I try to implement anything in my writing. My biggest obstacles are probably finding the free time to write, figuring out sub-plots, and feeling like I have done the proper amount of research before implementing elements into my writing. For example, I plan on doing a lot of research on psychology, criminology, forensics, and existing detective characters before creating my own. Tite Kubo the creator of my favorite anime Bleach uses a lot of rock music for inspiration and kind of choreographs his battles however the music inspires him. I’ve found this technique to be very useful with my own battle scenes. Different kinds of music can also be a great backdrop for inspiring certain scenes. For instance, there is scene in Bad Blood Rising where Vangetsu meditates while listening to Beethoven’s Für Elise. I don’t specify which recording, this is on purpose. Find your favorite recording of it and listen to it. I listened to it when writing that scene and now I find myself listening to it during my own times of meditation. Tite Kubo also does a great job of mixing seriousness with comedy which an element that I love. Joss Whedon, Jim Butcher, Tite Kubo, and countless others have used that element well.

Here is a list of five of my tips for writing.

Become best friends with dictionary and thesaurus.

Research and when you think you done all the research you need, research some more.

Learn from the masters of the art (you learn a lot about writing from reading).

Find a good editor.


If you would also like to read an absolutely fantastic blog post about publishing, I am going to link to another author’s blog.

All About Publishing

Ruthanne Reid is an indie writer that writes about elves, aliens, vampires, and space-travel with equal abandon. Her post on publishing is one of the best written works I have seen on the subject, especially factoring in the current state of publishing.

Für Elise Links

Short Piano Version

60 Minute Version

Metal Version – Daniel Tidwell

Jake Jeffries


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