An Attempt to Fill the Void

Hello everyone,

Keep reading because at the end I mention chocolate.

Dark Watchman Publications has been very busy lately. On top of the release of Bad Blood Rising, there is now a 2nd edition of An Attempt To Fill The Void… available on Amazon. This was mostly due to a change in printing method for the book. As a result, the price of the book is cheaper and it has a new black cover. The proof of the book turned out awesome. I’ve deemed it the Midnight Edition. The e-book edition is still pending but when it becomes active it will still be at the $0.99 price level.

Also, now available in the webstore is the link to order the hardcover limited edition of Bad Blood Rising. This will be helpful for those of you who want a hardcover and will not be able to attend the book signing in Greenwood, IN due to other engagements and/or geographical location. The price is $25. I’ve included a rate of $5 in that price for shipping. Hardcovers at the book signing will still be $20.

I’ve invested in some Hershey miniatures to give out at the book signing. See, I promised chocolate. These Hershey miniatures come complete with a printed label with Vangetsu’s face on them. Since table space will be limited, they will be inside of my Tardis which happens to be bigger on the inside.

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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