Book Signing Fallout and New Artwork!

Greetings everyone,

I’ve always heard that people watching is a valuable tool for writing, but never in my life has it been more apparent than after the book signing that I did last week. Not only did I have a nice secure spot to people watch from, but I also had the joy of being an interactive object that people had the choice of buying books from. I decided to setup for five hours at the Half Price Books in Greenwood. They were very accommodating, I cannot say enough great things about them to repay them for how accommodating they were. I still need to send thank you cards to them. They had a big red table setup for me upon arrival and even made announcements about the book signing a few different times.

There were some experiences from the book signing that I would like to share. There will be no actual names used during the experiences. The first lady that bought a book was priceless.

As my fiancée and I were setting up the lady walks up, gives the table a once over, and asks, “What’s this?”

I told her that it was book signing for my first full length novel. She picks up the book and reads the back blurb. She then starts to laugh her ass off almost to the extent of rolling on the floor. I just stand there smiling. She then tells me that she has to buy it because of how crazy it sounds. We then discuss how awesome home libraries are. Another one of my favorite reactions was when an older lady asked what the book was about.

I just mention the word vampire and her eyes bugged out and she started backing away after saying, “Vampires scare me.”

One guy talked his wife into getting it for him as a Christmas present. He even walked away and pretended to look at another art book while she was buying it.

Another guy was walking by with his kid and the kid stops and exclaims, “Oooh guitar picks! Oooh candy!”

The guy visibly sighs like the world just did a belly flop on his shoulders. He allows the kid a guitar pick and denies the candy.

Later, the kid before leaving the store made sure to stop on the way out and told me thanks for the guitar pick.

One reaction was a combination of me and the person buying a book. We got so excited about the transaction that we forgot to do the whole cash exchange part. That everyone, is part of why I make sure my fiancée is with me for these things.

I wish I had made a book sale for each time someone thought we were the information desk for Half Price Books. I couldn’t believe it. There was all of this stuff about one particular book, a podium on the table that detailed the book signing, and we still got asked where to find things. Lucky for some of them, I have been to the store enough that I know my way around very well. My favorite question about where to find something was about where to find Christmas cards. The Christmas cards were directly adjacent to the table. Literally all the person had to do was turn around.

I am thankful for all of the friends and family that took the time to show up and support me as well. Also, a special thank you to my fiancée for everything.

My message to those that bought the book is this: I hope you enjoy it, please leave reviews, and I couldn’t ask for a better audience.

Also, for those that haven’t heard there some new Bad Blood Rising art by Sean Yager! It is for a postcard to use for physical mailing promotion and to use for online promotion.

wordpostcard wordlesspostcard

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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