Merry Christmas

Greetings everyone,

Merry Christmas! Starting tomorrow, An Attempt to Fill the Void… will be free for the Kindle December 25th-26th. Consider it a gift from me to you!

I’m also excited because this weekend I turn 28.

Through the process of combing through my writing files I uncovered an old document for a comic book idea that I had. I’m not sure how far I will take the idea, but I found it hilarious. It is called The Founding Force and consist of clones of America’s founding fathers that are imbued with super powers that try to go about fixing a corrupt government.

I also uncovered some poems that weren’t in An Attempt to Fill the Void… I plan on releasing them through the website once I find all of the ones that didn’t make it in the book.

My last item for today’s blog is to leave you with a tentative unpolished beginning thought monologue from the protagonist of Enter the Dark Watchman. His name is Jack Crimson.

“The dirt sifted through my hand like sand in an hourglass. Many of us don’t realize that time is a finite resource. We use it and abuse it like any other resource we humans think we are entitled to. It seems like no one stops to take a breath and cherish a moment anymore. Busy lives breed sad goodbyes. Before we know it the ones closest to us may pass on and leave us behind. If we’re lucky we won’t be left behind with feelings of regret and thoughts of what if? things were different. The last piece of grist fell from my hand and the millstone in my mind stopped turning for a moment. My tears were held back briefly by the slight consolation that my mother is no longer a slave to her cancer. Her suffering has passed. At least we did get to say our sad goodbyes, a moment my family never got with my father. Tears started to flow from my eyes. Fuck it, my mother died I’m entitled to cry.”

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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