Enter the Dark Watchman

Greetings everyone,

Enter the Dark Watchman has officially begun.

Enter the Dark Watchman

My promotion for Bad Blood Rising will also continue. I plan on having some more signings and remaining active via social media. Recently, I had some postcards made up that I plan on using for promotional purposes as well. Another part of my continued promotion and support of artists helping artists is my pledges to Ray Dillon’s creator owned comics via Patreon. Ray Dillon is an epic renowned artist in the comic world. In exchange for my patronage Ray created me some awesome artwork depicting Vangetsu kicking some major vampire ass.

Vangetsu Vangetsu Red

I just finished reading Amanda Palmer’s book The Art of Asking. This book is an amazing memoir written by Amanda Palmer. Before reading this book, I knew her as the woman who gave the awesome TED talk with the milk crate and flowers. After reading this book I know much more about her. I have become a fan of her music as well. There is love, heartbreak, tales of woe, tales of hate, and tales of triumph which act as petals surrounding a delicate middle message that composes The Art of Asking. In my opinion the point of this memoir is to encourage others to not be afraid to show your true self. Do not be afraid to take the flower, give a flower, and for God’s sake take a donut when offered one. When you stare into the soul of Amanda Palmer, the soul of Amanda Palmer stares back into you.

Here is one of my unpublished poems:


I tried to fix you
But you were broken beyond repair
Fragments scattered throughout time itself
You are a puzzle not meant to be solved

If ever the pieces once fit together
That time has long since come and gone
Maybe you won’t be like this forever
I hope you find where you belong

I know at one time the pieces fit
Pulled apart by Pinhead’s chains
What was the catalyst of your struggling strife?
Why incessantly immerse yourself in pain?

All in all I know that I didn’t fail
To be honest there is no such thing
Your emotions were just too fragile and frail
You couldn’t cope with all the trials life brings

The lament configuration has become your heart
One twist can open the door to Hell
Uncontrollably your teardrops silently start
You disappear as you withdraw into yourself

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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