They’re here!

Greetings everyone,

Hallelujah I have frickin’ hardcover books! Due to forces beyond my control the production of them kept being delayed. However, they are now in my possession. There are twenty of these in existence and only 12 left.

Here is proof of their arrival:

Bad Blood Rising HC

Some other exciting news is that I have commissioned a drawing of Vangetsu to be drawn by one of the legends in the comic book industry. I am ecstatic about this. Once it is complete I plan on scanning it to share with the world through my art gallery and social media. After that, it is being framed and going on my wall. It should be done just in time to be a part of my Valentine’s Day weekend blog post.

Recently I have been working on obtaining permission to use certain things in my writing. One of the places I contacted was Death Wish Coffee Co. in regards to using their brand of coffee for certain characters to drink. They said that they would be honored! Any company that produces coffee is amazing and a coffee company that utilizes a skull in their logo and has a flavor called Valhalla Java is amazing on an epic level.


The link to the new short story is below!

Fear of the Dark

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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