Math as a language

Greetings everyone,

One of my prior blog entries mentioned the psychology class that I was taking at IUPUC. In addition to that class, I am also taking Intermediate Algebra which is the next step in the course of mathematics that I need to pass for the math heavy Mechanical Engineering degree. I have a love/hate relationship with math. I enjoy the challenges that it presents but there have been times when I was younger when I questioned what the point of learning it all was. In my writing and in my life I try to be as mathematically and grammatically accurate as I humanly can. During the writing and editing phase for Bad Blood Rising I found myself counting bullets to make sure Vangetsu didn’t fire more bullets without reloading than the type of guns he was wielding could carry.

Throughout the course of my life thus far I have noticed that a lot of times as a society we tend to think of math and writing as two distinctly different things. Lately, I find myself finding more and more similarities between the two. If we take the time to examine different languages we can often times find similarities or at least correlations between what particular languages are based upon. I have always found myself faring better with writing than I have math. I never took the time to consider that math is just another form of language using numbers in place of words. Working a math problem is much like forming or editing a sentence. The lines between math and writing are more blurred when using letters and working word problems. I believe that art can be created using methods inspired by mathematics, writing, and any other number of separate or cumulative things.

Examples of mathematics can be found practically anywhere if you know what to look for:

Logarithmic spirals are plentiful in nature. Image Credit: M101 – NASA, ESA, CFHT, NOAO; Typhoon Rammasun – MODIS, NASA Comparison: Lawrence Anderson-Huang (Ritter Astrophysical Obs., Univ. Toledo)

An Archimedean spiral forms the shape of this treat.

The Sierpinski Triangle is composed of equilateral triangles that resemble a beefed up Triforce symbol from the Zelda franchise.

And in case you need a sappy math related t-shirt for Valentine’s Day next week.

The link to a new short story is below:


Odin reading Bad Blood Rising

Odin reading about his adventures in Bad Blood Rising.

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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