Surprise Commission!

Greetings everyone,

The Flocco is an artist that I recently started following and admiring. Last week he posted on Facebook about having a sale on commissions. I promptly leapt at the opportunity and commissioned a piece depicting a battle ready Ramona. Bad Blood Rising has female characters too and I try not to conform to stereotypes when working with characters unless it is a critical component to the story. Even then, I like to have other less stereotypical gendered characters in order to provide some contrast. When I write about powerful female characters I prefer people to think, “That is a badass character!” not, “That is a badass character…for a girl.” Anyways, here are the drawings. Flocco ended up finalizing two of them while he was trying out different poses.

"Come at me bro."

“Come at me bro.”

"I will fuck you up."

“I will fuck you up.”

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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