Happy Valentine’s Day!

Greetings everyone,

I know Valentine’s Day isn’t for a few days but I wanted to go ahead and post this week’s blog. Hopefully you will be spending this weekend with your significant other. If you don’t have one, then hopefully you will be spending this weekend doing something nice for yourself. Also, I am extremely excited to share with you the Valentine’s Day gift I promised!

This weekend is a celebration for some and a bane for others. I’ve had experiences in the realms of both. There have been times when I was alone and said screw it all, ordered pizza, and logged in hours laying waste to the covenant fleet with Cortana by my side and there have been times when I have enjoyed romantic evenings at expensive restaurants gazing into the eyes of my significant other.


Will you be my Valentine? (Copyright Microsoft)

Personally, I prefer the latter but I find nothing wrong with the former. Some say that it is just a holiday created by consumerism but I don’t mind it because life gets in the way sometimes of treating everyday like a celebration. Sometimes we need a little reminder to take time out to be mindful of ourselves, our partners, and life in general.

Due to the holiday, the recent birthday of Vangetsu, and pressure by Odin I find myself in a giving mood. There is a new giveaway listed on Goodreads where I am giving away five copies of the paperback version of Bad Blood Rising that will come signed and with my eternal thanks for the interest in my work. If you haven’t got a copy yet, make sure to enter to the giveaway! If you prefer hardcover, I still have six of those remaining and they can be purchased from my store.

My gift to all of my fans is a commissioned drawing of Vangetsu by the legendary comic artist Neal Adams!
Neal Adams Vangetsu

Neal Adams is fantastic person. It was an honor to meet him at the Downtown Comics signing. While waiting in line all of the attendees myself included got to hear some great stories. He is one hell of a story teller. Also, for those that don’t know Neal and Dennis O’Neil are responsible for creating the Batman character Ra’s Al Ghul. One of the stories included the proper pronunciation of Ra’s Al Ghul (apparently people would pronounce the Ra’s with an H sound). It is pronounced like it looks kind of like you were talking about the Egyptian god Ra in a possessive sense, “Ra’s sun disk looks rather large today.” Part of the reason Neal has worked so hard in the industry is because he was greeted by a man in a dark alley in Chicago that told him if he did a good job that he would be allowed to keep his hair. He is an adamant believer that women are smarter than men (a fact that I also find myself learning is true). There were a couple of things that I disagreed with him on such as the best actor that has portrayed Batman (he is for Clooney and I am for Bale) and the relevance of Aquaman. However, the Aquaman story that he mentioned he would like to do sounded pretty cool. He also made a good argument for why Ted Danson should have played Batman.
Jake Jeffries and Neal Adams

The link to a new short story is below:

The Hourglass Wistfully Wails

2015-02-11 21.02.49

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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