How could you be so Toothless?

Greetings everyone,

Congratulations to the winners of the Goodreads giveaway! Earlier in the week the giveaway came to an end and I am happy to say that 606 people on Goodreads requested it! A lot of people took the time to add it to their “to read” shelf as well. Thank you readers! Five copies of Bad Blood Rising were sent to various states around the United States. If you did not win, hopefully you will take the time to still check out the book. I fixed the sample link and added a sample for An Attempt To Fill The Void… on my books page.

There is a new addition to my family, for those of you that are familiar with How to train your Dragon then you know how awesome this dragon is. I got my fiancée a Toothless for Valentine’s Day. Here are some pictures of him hanging out with Odin.

Odin and Toothless Toothless with thinking cat Odin

My research into the realm of philosophy and psychology continues. I’ve made more progress in reading The Psychology of Joss Whedon. The primary focus of the book thus far has been on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is fascinating reading about the psychological aspects the different characters. One particular part that has stood out to me is the contrast between the different slayers in the Buffy universe. Most of the other slayers including past slayers have failed to maintain strong connections with family and peers thinking that the connection would be a hindrance. However those very connections are what make Buffy stand out above the rest and prevail where others have not. I look forward to exploring philosophical and psychological aspects in other areas of pop culture. I also look forward to studying the works of Carl Jung, Alan Watts, John Duns Scotus, and William of Ockham.


Lately, I have been working on plot points and obtaining the permission to use certain things in Enter the Dark Watchman. I am excited about where the story is going and look forward to figuring it all out myself and then writing it for you all to enjoy. As I have mentioned before, it has been officially started and the main plots fleshed out but I still have a lot of work to do. I’ve heard back from the IMPD (Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department) and they said that although they can’t give me official permission to use the agency name that I am still OK to use it as long as I don’t do anything to slander the agency. Since it is a public agency it falls within public domain. Those of you that have read the sample and/or have started reading Bad Blood Rising know that I like to use band lyrics in the front that pertain to the story even if is a loose connection. It has been troublesome trying to get a hold of someone but hopefully I will have the official band lyrics to use for Enter the Dark Watchman soon!

My drawing skills aren’t that great, however I wanted to share an early concept (2007) I had of the cover for Enter the Dark Watchman. An early version of the Dark Watchman’s abilities consisted of transforming into a being of dark energy thus the solid filled in character below. Instead of that, I plan on his character’s having a normal appearance. The dark energy shroud will be similar to that depicted below. My plan is to have John Crimson (A.K.A. The Dark Watchman) standing in the alleyway with his hand on the side of the building. Dark energy will be surrounding him and he will be willing it to burn the shape of an eye into the building similar to my D.W.P. logo.

ETDW BG Concept ETDW Character Concept

The link to a new short story is below:

Zatanna’s Dream
Zatanna’s Sonata

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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