Support Your Local Library

Greetings everyone,

In an effort to make Bad Blood Rising available to more readers I have donated a copy to two different local libraries in my hometown of Columbus, IN. Bad Blood Rising can now be checked out at Bartholomew County Public Library and the University Library of Columbus (through IUPUC). I believe that local libraries should be supported when at all possible. They are an important part of the community. Besides, you never know when a hunter may come through your town and need to use the library to help defeat some kind of nasty creature.

Copyright WB

Copyright WB

Earlier this week I noticed I didn’t have a link to my Pinterest on the website. That has been corrected. Also, since I published the book through CreateSpace and it is a standard size it allows it to be pushed through distribution channels. As a result of this, the book is also available on Barnes & Noble for those that do their shopping there. In addition, if you prefer to shop at other places you should be able to go into any book store and request the book if they do not have it available on the shelf.

On top of working on Enter the Dark Watchman I have been brainstorming ideas for a book trailer. When writing Bad Blood Rising I already had an idea for the Legion of Light logo. A lot of the things they do incorporates basing protection spells off of the shape of the Shield of the Trinity. I took the time to do some brainstorming and came up with the below concept sketches for both the Legion of Light logo and the seal of the Order of Darkness.

Seal_Logo Sketch

The link to a new short story is below:

Nothing to Lose

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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