I’ll see you at the barn raising—in Hell!

Greetings friends,

This week I wanted to take some time to mention some of the various writing projects I am working on.

Enter the Dark Watchman
The next installment in the Dark Watchman saga. The main character is named Jack Crimson. He is a homicide detective with a sixth sense when it comes to anything related to the supernatural. It begins with him burying his mother who just died of cancer. His father has been deceased for some time. He buries himself in his work as his form of grieving. Throughout the course of the novel he works two major cases while also dealing with some minor cases as well. The Legion of Light which now has Selene Sterling at the helm assists Jack when he needs help with certain areas that he may not be able to handle well on his own. Jack gets mixed up with some heavy hitters in the supernatural world.

Jebidiah the Demon Slayer
I’m toying with the idea of a novel that would be classified as an Amish supernatural/horror. The writing world is flooded with Amish romance novels. I noticed a lack of Amish supernatural/horror. Lately, I’ve been watching a TV show called Banshee which is a town in Pennsylvania that has a large Amish population. It has ignited my curiosity to develop this story further. So far the best Amish horror novel I have seen on the market is called Amish Vampires in Space. The name of the protagonist in my novel would be Jebidiah Hershberger. The rough synopsis of the first draft of the story would be that he returns home one day after a hard day of work (as a blacksmith) to find that most of his family is killed with the exception of his daughter. His daughter has been possessed by a demon and has slaughtered the rest of the family. A man bursts into the house and saves Jebidiah from being killed by the demon. He then teaches Jebidiah how to be a demon slayer. Jebidiah’s weapon of choice is a blessed axe. He is shunned by his community because they believe that he killed his family. The elders do not believe in any of the supernatural “nonsense” despite the fact that the community is being overrun with it. Greensburg, IN is one of the cities that the demons must take control of in order to take over the world. The man that saves him from the demon suggests that he cut off his beard in order to try to modify his appearance to elude authorities. He refuses. He does however agree to fashion it differently and forms the beard into two separate spirals (like Marco Hietala). He rides a steed. A tagline for the novel would be, “I’ll see you at the barn raising—in Hell!”

Untitled alternate history story
The Nazi’s win World War II and are trying to take over the entire world. Their experiments during the war have led them to be able to modify their soldiers into super soldiers. The main world powers are the Nazi’s, Native Americans, Japanese, Indians, Aztecs, Chinese, and Egyptians. Samurai remain the strongest warriors in Japan and their abilities can rival the genetically modified abilities of the Nazi’s. The Native Americans are warriors that rely heavily on nature and some even have the ability to use some form of nature magic against their enemies. The Egyptians still rely on their faith in their gods to show them the way and bless them with power in order to remain as powerful as they are. The universe however notices that the world if it continues as it is will most likely destroy itself. The Nazi’s are not the only form of corruption in the world. Each world power has its own form of corruption. Seven swords are spread throughout the world. These swords are imbued with magical power and a purpose. Only the seven that wield the swords can restore order to the world and stop the reign of destruction brought about by the Nazi’s. The protagonist will be a Jewish man in a concentration camp that finds one of the swords while he is working as a slave. The sword speaks to him. He uses it to escape and flees from the concentration camp. Throughout the story he will come across the six other wielders and together they will create a revolution by taking the power away from the governments and giving it back to the people.

Grim Reaper short story
The afterlife is just another extension of bureaucracy. The Grim Reaper is the head honcho in Purgatory. One day as he is going through paperwork notices that a man was killed that wasn’t supposed to die yet. In order to restore order the man must be given his life back. However, the man is currently in Hell so it will be no easy task getting the man’s soul back from Satan. Satan is the leader of Hell and is a bit of an asshole.

Amish Odin

The link to a new short story is below:

Fair Trade

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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