Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here

Greetings friends,

Happy Easter!

Sorry about the lack of post for the last couple of weeks. Midterms have passed for the spring semester for my college classes and things are getting serious. My math class has become super intensive with radicands, complex numbers, and quadratic formulas. My psychology class has increased the scope of some of our projects a bit as well. The frequency of my posts may become less frequent for a while.

Also, I am working on studying the ins and outs of publishing e-books. My goal is to expand my current books to the Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, and iBooks in order to be accommodating for as many readers as possible. All future releases would be released on those platforms immediately in addition to my typical Amazon releases. The biggest struggle for me thus far is tweaking the formatting for different types. Setting a manuscript up for an e-reader is a completely different monster than setting a manuscript up for printing, at least according to my current experience. I’m working on developing an e-mail newsletter as well that will be powered by mailchimp. Some of the current content I am planning for the newsletter will be announcements of new releases, early artwork reveals, reviews and recommendations, exclusive freebies, and other TBD exclusive content,

Odin with envelope

Here is an excerpt from a novella I am currently working on called Grim Bureaucracy. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

Above the door it said, abandon all hope ye who enter here. A short man holding a clipboard stood in front of the door nervously glancing at my scythe.

The short man spoke up, “Sir, do you have your papers?”
I narrowed my eyes at him, “I’m the grim reaper. I don’t need papers.”
The short man replied, “Well, the t-thing is only demons and souls can enter here…” he trailed off.
I chuckled, “Do you remember when Jesus kicked the door in?”
His eyes glanced around not focusing on anything, “Umm…yeah. Why?”
I nodded my head, “I’m going in. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”
The short man let out a sigh and his shoulders fell, “Well, can you at least hit me and make it look good so I can say I put up a fight?”
I smiled, “Sure. Where do you want it?”
He thought about it for a brief moment, “My left eye I guess.”
I made a fist, brought it up from the center of my body, and hit him in the eye. He fell to the ground unconscious. His eye should shine up pretty good. I prepped myself to channel all the power I could to kick the door in. With all of my effort I lifted my leg and shoved my foot forward into the door. The walls around it shook profusely and cracks appeared around the hinges. I shook my head and prepped myself once more. With another great effort I lifted my leg again and shoved it forward into the same spot I kicked before. The door flew inward and fell forward against the ground with a loud thud. Sulfur dust flew up around it before settling. I walked through the doorway and noticed another door off to my right. It had a sign that read—Special Hell: Reserved for theater talkers, molesters of children, and network executives that cancel beloved television shows.


The short story for this week is called Zerospace. The Fifth Element and Outlaw Star were major inspirations for it. Hopefully, I can develop it into a more novel length feature at some point. It was originally titled: The Pirates, the Arachnid’s, and the Marshall but I felt that was a bit verbose. Zerospace has a better flow to it. The background of Zerospace is that it is located on the outskirts of what is known as livable space. Zerospace is home to the intergalactic space pirates that use all manners of technology and magic that they have at their disposal. They also control the nasty arachnids that people fear. The arachnids are a nasty creature born out of Zerospace and common to the area. The Marshall has a vendetta against the pirates and a duty as a lawman to protect the citizens of the galaxy from them.

Zerospace ship

I designed a new D.W.P. mousepad over at Zazzle. It turned out great! If you would like one, hop on over to my store for the link.


The link to a new short story is below:


Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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