Grim Bureaucracy

Greetings friends,

Three weeks left of this semester of college and then I will have a break for the summer! My day job will continue, but at least the demands of my time will become a little less. This year is going to be the year of The Dark Watchman. I’m super excited about where the series is going. Hopefully I can grease the gears so to speak of the avenues in which I can get the story out for everyone to enjoy at the most optimum level possible. My blog here will be the best place to get any new information and later this year my mailing list will become the new best way.

I’ve worked with Sean Yager again to develop some new logos for the good guys and the bad guys for The Dark Watchman series. Here is the logo for the Legion of Light and the Seal of the Order of Darkness

Legion Of Light Seal of Sacrifice

The Legion of Light logo design is based on the shield of the trinity. The Seal of the Order of Darkness is based off of a standard pentacle with the addition of shadowy hooks that symbolize the tendency of the order to try and corrupt the general populace. The purple is a depiction of magical energy. I love how Sean added the aspect of the energy being eaten away as if it was in itself corrupted.

Also, I have worked with Sean to develop some other new art items. I plan on unveiling them when I release the book trailer and start promoting Enter the Dark Watchman. I’m working on the details of these in addition to the details of new cool giveaways as well!

Here is another excerpt from my current novella project Grim Bureaucracy:

My hand felt like it was about to fall off after signing all of the paperwork in front of me. We weren’t allowed to get stamps. Those were only available in Heaven. I guess it’s better than Hell, there you had to actually use your own blood. I’ve heard of times when people have completely dried themselves out before and had to wait for their blood to replenish itself. They are forced to sit and watch as paperwork keeps stacking up in front of them unable to sign no matter how much they try. A chill ran down my spine just thinking about it. I twirled my infinite ink pen in my hand with a newfound appreciation for it. My phone beeped.
“Sir, its Mordiki. We finally got a hold of Lucifer, I will transfer him through.”
My phone beeped. I hit the green button to receive the call.
I leaned forward and rested my head upon my thumbs with my hands folded in front of my face, “Lucifer, what’s this I hear about you wanting to provide me with a—how did you put it, a sizable suppository?”
“Yeah, one of your lackeys called me up saying something about how you want the soul of this guy Warren Reed. You can’t have him. Once in hell, always in hell baby. If you think you can try to muscle me into it then I’ll shove that scythe of yours up your ass. The only thing you’ll be reaping is major indigestion. Unless…” He trailed off.
I rolled my eyes and sighed, “Unless what.”
“Well, I’m glad you asked. By the way, thanks for the new reaper soul you sent down here. We will fix him right up. Listen anyways, perhaps we could work something out off of the books. I just recently added on a new torture room to the west wing here in Hell. It is sadly fairly empty at the moment. I want to get some new meat to throw in there and you’re just the guy to help me out. I want 2000 souls of any type and one special soul in particular. The soul of H.P. Lovecraft.”
“Why do you—never mind I don’t want to know. Also, apparently you don’t understand the problem with Warren Reed. He was taken before his time was up. He has to be brought back to life so that order is restored. Why would we kill off 2000 people just to appease you? Besides, they would be taken before their time too.”
“I want H.P. Lovecraft because I want his imagination. Could you imagine the Hell that Lucifer and H.P. Lovecraft could dream up together? It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it. Also, you misunderstood me. The souls could all come from Purgatory silly. That’s where Lovecraft is after all.”
“You don’t think I have enough paperwork to do already? Could you imagine how much would be involved in trying to get a transfer request in of that magnitude? Not to mention that kind of thing would need Heaven’s approval. They would never allow…”
“I said off the books you idiot.” Lucifer interrupted. “We could smuggle them somehow, you’re the grim goddamn reaper and I am Lucifer. We could make this work with no sweat about it. Whaddya say friend?”
“We aren’t friends you conniving jackass of all trades. You were in Heaven once and you couldn’t even get that right. You’re an indelible cosmic fuckup and an otherworldly wag. You will be getting no souls. You will give me the soul of Warren Reed. If not, then I will use my skills to find you and I won’t kill you. I will make you suffer. The likes of which will impress even you.”
“Ha, good luck.”
Lucifer hung the phone up on me.
Shortly after Mordiki beeped in on the speakerphone, “Grim sir, um—there has been a major influx of souls into Purgatory. Apparently Lucifer just released some kind of plague or something on Earth. We are going to have to work overtime for ages to process…”
I cut him off, “Mordiki, place all of that paperwork into a separate box and do nothing. Lucifer has crossed the line. We will forward all of that paperwork to be completed in Hell. Assign all staff to restore the souls in Purgatory that require being brought back to life. I’ll personally go and secure Warren Reed.”

P.S. If you haven’t checked out Sean’s website Misuse of Mana please go do so! He is a great artist and has a fantastic web comic called Flame Child.

The link to a new short story is below:

Soul of the Song

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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