Format Chokehold

Greetings friends,

Last week was productive. The Grim Bureaucracy novelette is now complete and in the editing phase. Enter the Dark Watchman is taking a bit longer than I had hoped. There have been more interruptions than I would like to admit. I also took the time to research some of the issues I have been having with e-book formats. At one point I wrapped my hands around the neck of my monitor in an attempt to choke it into the correct format. Sadly, that didn’t work like I wanted it to. It took a while but after hitting the wall and stripping every ounce of formatting from Bad Blood Rising and rebuilding the formatting from scratch I was finally able to get the translation to standard e-book formats to play nicely. As a result Bad Blood rising is now available on the Nook and over at Smashwords. I have taken the time to rebuild the formatting for An Attempt to Fill the Void too. Those that have purchased it for the Kindle (Thank you!) should receive an update that has a much better format. My apologies for not catching the errors with the e-book sooner. Soon Grim Bureaucracy will be available as well! Hopefully, now that I know some of the triggers for bad e-book formatting I can avoid them for all projects going forward including Enter the Dark Watchman.

Odin Editing

Speaking of Grim Bureaucracy, I have finalized my choice on a cover! Be on the lookout for a free book giveaway to happen sometime in July!

Grim B Cover 2

Recently, I finished reading The Martian by Andy Weir. It is fantastic! I love the style and voice that it is written in. The gist of the story is that a storm on Mars causes the astronauts currently on a mission there to have to leave abruptly. Due to some unfortunate events one of the astronauts gets stranded and has to rely on his wit and survival instincts in order to try to live long enough until he can somehow be rescued. The science is good and the fiction is better. I highly recommend it for fans of science fiction, fantasy, and or survivalist stories. If books aren’t your thing (Why are you here?) then keep an eye out for the movie. I haven’t been this excited for a space movie since Interstellar which exceeded my expectations. Gravity was decent, but I thought Interstellar was a much better film. I expect The Martian to be great as well even if they do take their liberties as films usually do.


In other news, Odin has a new favorite place.

Odin Valhalla

The link to a new short story is below:

The Last Resort

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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