Reading Challenge

Greetings friends,

The summer reading club at my local library has officially started. If your local library offers such a program then I encourage you to sign up. I’m not sure how the programs work across the country but for my particular library they offer grab bags and entries into a contest to win some really cool stuff. Not that you really need the extra incentives to read, but if you’re reading anyway then you might as well have even more fun with it!


Lately my time has been occupied by reading various books and going through the process of house hunting and buying. Recently I read The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe. He is one of my favorite authors and biggest influences. It is a great short story that has a perfect build up. One of my favorite aspects of it was the madness that the man in captivity went through each time he began to lose hope. I have been making steady progress reading Beyond Good and Evil by Fredrick Nietzsche and House and Philosophy by Various. They are both extremely thought provoking and I highly recommend them for anyone interested in philosophy. House and Philosophy is also great for anyone that is a fan of the TV show.

A side effect of house hunting is getting addicted to HGTV and looking for different things to furnish the house. House Hunters, Fixer Upper, and 2 Chicks and a Hammer are some of my new favorite shows. Another thing that I don’t think I have talked about much is my obsession with cool clocks, globes of various types, and geeky technology. There is a spinning globe that I had the pleasure of seeing in the store at my local Hallmark. I could stand there and watch it for hours. Thinkgeek has it available over their website but it is kind of pricey. Still, one day I hope to get one for my office if they ever lower the price of it or if I find myself with extra cash to splurge on a random purchase. In the realm of geeky technology I discovered a Death Star Bluetooth speaker and levitating orb speaker that factors in my love of music as well. Enjoy the pictures below!

Spinning Globe Death Star Levitation Orb

Enter the Dark Watchman is coming along nicely. I have edited a few things and made some additions that I believe will add some depth to the story. Jack Crimson is a detective for the IMPD and the main protagonist. I felt that he didn’t have enough things wrong with him. In my mind Jack Crimson as a detective is a cross between Sherlock Holmes, Gregory House, and Will Graham. Enter the Dark Watchman focuses on a new case that gets him involved more heavily with the supernatural beings of the series. Jack struggles with his emotions like all of us do. Also, like House he struggles with constant leg pain that he obtained from an old bullet wound to his left knee. As a result he is addicted to medication. In all honesty, although he is a force of good he can be an arrogant asshole. Some of his peers put up with it because they know he is in constant pain from his injury. They feel sorry for him because as of the start of Enter the Dark Watchman Jack has now lost both of his parents. His higher ups put up with him because of how good of a detective he is. Jack sometimes doesn’t know when to quit pushing forward. When the forces of evil start to push back against our detective then his life may be at risk. The question is, is dead every really dead in a universe where magic and beings of Godlike power exist? Will Jack put aside some of his asshole tendencies for the good of humanity? Keep posted to find out! Below is a picture of what I intend to be the coffee maker in Jack’s office. Detectives need their coffee. Personally, I don’t know how any cases would be solved without it.

Enter the Dark Watchman Coffee Maker

My fiancée introduced me to a reading challenge posted by POPSUGAR. It looks extremely fun and I plan on attempting it myself! Join me in trying to read as many as possible. If you need some help getting started, I’ll let you know what Bad Blood Rising could go under! Currently, I am under 30 years of age. It is set in America so if you are currently not living there then it would work for being based in a different country. If you haven’t read anything by me then please do. Feel free to base your judgement on its cover if you like. If you have always wanted to visit Indianapolis then it is set in that city. The book contains magic. If you own it and haven’t read it then shame on you! Just kidding, but it would qualify for that topic. If you are from Indianapolis or your initials are JJ then those are other viable topics. Good luck and have fun!


In case you need any extra motivation for the reading challenge above, here is a picture of chibi Godzilla flexing and roaring for encouragement. He believes in you and I do too!

Chibi Godzilla

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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