The Burden of those Left Behind

Greetings friends,

Today is July 12th 2015. My father would have been 52 years old if he was still with us. In the last blog post I talked about how I made the choice to focus on living a life that he would be proud of and that I could also be proud of myself. That doesn’t mean that I don’t often think about him or miss him dearly. I just choose not to dwell on the void that losing him created in my life. The memories I have with him are many and most of them enjoyable. I remember that he used to sleep on the couch a lot when he would get home from work when I was a toddler. Most of the time I was still awake. He would have me lay down on the floor next to him and he would hold my hand until I fell asleep. He taught me how to ride a bike, drive a car, and numerous other things. We used to go bike riding around town all of the time. On our bike rides sometimes we would stop and get lemon shake-ups from a local restaurant or a glass bottle of Coke from a bookstore that is sadly also no longer with us. There were times when he would pull me out of school to take me fishing. One time he pulled me out of school and took me to a radio station to meet my favorite band at the time because I had won passes to hang out with them. I remember playing pool with him at the local Billiard’s hall. I remember the numerous family vacations and how hard he worked to provide for his family and to show them how much he loved them. Memories are the blessing and the burden of those left behind. Many of us cherish having them but at the same time they can lead to thoughts of many what-if situations. What if they were still here with us for example? I know in a way they are always with us but it would be nice to share just one more hug, just one more conversation. I love you Dad. I promise that soon I will go on a bike ride like we used to do.


Recently I finished reading The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. It was fantastic, especially for its time. I loved the picture that H.G. Wells painted of the ramifications of the world if it is left to keep traveling along its current course. It was interesting to read about how even in his time there was a concern of an over-population crisis. It was my first foray into the work of H.G. Wells and I look forward to reading more of his work. I am the lucky owner of the Barnes & Noble collectible edition, just look at it!

Time Machine

“We are kept keen on the grindstone of pain and necessity, and, it seemed to me, that here was that hateful grindstone broken at last!” – H.G. Wells The Time Machine


The proof for Grim Bureaucracy arrived! It is adorable. I think it turned out great for a pocket novelette. I am going to do my best to keep the pricing for it down and offer it free whenever possible. I wanted to write the novelette in honor one of my favorite authors of all time, Dante Aligheri. Currently, it is a stand-alone title and has no ties to my other works. Now that I have this finished, I am going to get it up and running on Amazon and then shift my primary writing focus to Enter the Dark Watchman. Odin is excited to be involved in some new stories again! It almost broke his little heart that he wasn’t in Grim Bureaucracy. He wasn’t happy that it had a Hellhound and a Cerberus puppy either. He wouldn’t interact with me for a week.

Grim B Size

Odin with Grim B

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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