Enter the Dark Watchman Update

Greetings friends,

Enter the Dark Watchman is in full swing. It is my current project of focus (aside from preparing to move). I am having a blast creating the various characters that will make up the follow-up to Bad Blood Rising. The antagonist(s) is shaping up to be quite interesting. Jack the protagonist is an extremely fun character to write. He isn’t afraid to place himself into precarious situations. I am also reminded of a quote by David Tennant, “I like playing grumpy characters on screen, although obviously in real life I’m invariably of a bright and sunny disposition.” I’m far from having a bright and sunny disposition, but nonetheless I enjoy writing grumpy characters such as Jack. Bad Blood Rising is very much a tale of vengeance. In contrast Enter the Dark Watchman is going to have more of a mystery flow. Vangetsu and Jack both aren’t the type to back down from a fight. Vangetsu had the experience and powers to back it up. Jack is more vulnerable because he is only a mortal human. This will play a major factor in how Jack deals with supernatural beings as opposed to how Vangetsu dealt with them.


“This is my smile.” Click for David’s website.

In the meantime, I would like to try to inject some fresh blood into Bad Blood Rising. I have created a book trailer that will hopefully generate some buzz on YouTube. There is a new free promo currently active over at Amazon for the Kindle version as well (Active days will be 8-21-2015 through 8-25-2015). The music is performed by the talented musician Daniel Tidwell who was kind enough to give me permission to use it for the short video. If you like it, then please check out his website.


Click for Daniel’s website.

Soon I will be checking into getting artwork created for Enter the Dark Watchman. One of my favorite artists to work with is Sean Yager. He is phenomenal. If you like the artwork he has done for my series so far be sure to also check out his other works. He has a fantastic comic series as well. Below is a picture of a promotional propaganda style poster I commissioned him to do for the Dark Watchman series. I am extremely excited to reveal it! I was going to wait until the release of Enter the Dark Watchman but I couldn’t wait any longer. I have prints and magnets of the poster that I plan on posting around town to coincide with the release of Enter the Dark Watchman. I may end up using some in giveaways as well.


Click for Sean’s website.

The timetable for Enter the Dark Watchman is looking like it may not be until the middle of next year for its release. This is factoring in the distractions of moving and settling into a new location. I have uploaded a new sample of chapters 1-2.

The link to the sample is below:

Enter the Dark Watchman Sample

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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