Coffee Beans are the Senzu Beans of Reality

Greetings friends,

It is amazing how much stuff one can accumulate through the years. Lately, I have been packing up my things in order to gear up for a move. Here is a list of things that stuck out to me as I have been going through everything.

2015-09-05 12.37.31

My obsession with Dragonball Z is over 9000!
One of the items I uncovered whilst packing is a box of my old toys I played with when I was younger. Some of them I had forgotten about. Some of them are also in better condition than others. Dragonball Z introduced me the concept of Ki and energy attacks. Before that, most of my playtime with action figures consisted of melee attacks such as punches and body slams. However, when Goku unleashes a Kamehameha it would be required for his opponent to be thrown into the wall. Also, sometimes I just wanted to stand Goku up at night before bed so that I could get back to it the next evening and have him launch a Spirit Bomb. One of my favorite pastimes growing up was playing the Dragonball Z trading card game.

2015-09-06 13.12.26

2015-09-06 13.14.12

Batman vs Superman
For the longest time I claimed that my favorite superhero was Superman. I do have a ton of Superman related items that I have collected. However, it seems like my love of Superman has become rivaled by my love of Batman. When I was younger I considered Anime heroes separate from comic heroes as well. The lines have become blurred and now my list of inspirations and heroes is endless and it is hard to pick one over the other. There is a quote by Sheldon B. Kopp that I disagree with, “If you have a hero, look again; you have diminished yourself in some way.” On the contrary, I believe that the type of qualities in a hero that one chooses has a way of reflecting those same qualities within oneself. I also believe that one of the reasons Batman is such an appealing hero is due to his many flaws. This goes to show us that in spite of those flaws, we can still be heroes. Also, he is the fucking Batman!


Coffee Beans are the Senzu Beans of Reality
As I’ve gotten older I have developed an extreme love and need of coffee. Pick your jaws up off the floor; this should come as no surprise to anyone. My favorite brand is Death Wish. My love of coffee has resulted in a collection of coffee mugs. Death Wish has some fantastic mugs made by Deneen Pottery. The most recent addition to my collection cost me $40 off of Ebay because it has sold out at every Hot Topic across the country. It combines my love of coffee with my obsession for Dragonball Z. Everyone needs a Goku Kaio-Ken heat reactive mug. If you decide to embark on a quest for one, good luck!

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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