Settling In

Greetings friends,

Whew! I finally got my blog back from Odin. It took some bribing but I managed to get him to get his cat friend to give me access back. I’ve never seen a cat eat so much tuna. He also has a new witch hat for the season and a stamping pad so that he can start signing things as well. Odin is becoming…I mean is a little diva.

2015-10-08 21.32.30

Another new thing is my life is being a homeowner. It is a huge accomplishment full of both fear and joy. Fear because it is a long commitment and along with owning any home it requires ongoing maintenance that I will be forced to learn along the way. Joy because oh my God it is a house and it is fantastic! I finally have enough room to store my collections with room for growth. A lot of my collections are sources of inspiration. I don’t care what you say, that is my story and I’m sticking to it. Everyone needs collections of swords, DVD’s, books, comics, etc. Ok, so I might have a slight problem but they make me happy and that is what matters.


A few of the things I the happiest about with the new home is the walk in pantry, the larger bedroom, and the garage. I’ve never had a garage to park in before so it is going to be an awesome thing. Currently I still can’t park in mine because of the boxes still littering the floor. My old bedroom was tiny. I couldn’t walk around my bed without brushing my legs against the bed or my arms against the wall. I have a queen bed for reference. My new room has enough room for me to do yoga on either side of the bed and have a sitting area if one wanted at the foot of it. I feel very blessed to be in the position that I could buy a home. I also love the pond view from the window where I am writing this. It adds a nice touch to the creative space which is what we are calling the room with the computer and the crafts.

Pond View

A few of the maintenance issues I have already encountered after moving in include the shower in the master bath having a small leak, the washer having a funky smell after running, the dryer being cumbersome to hookup, the dishwasher not working correctly, and my mailbox getting ran over by one of the builders vehicles. Luckily all of these were able to be fixed easily enough or are in the process of being fixed. The builder fixed the mailbox by the next day. The leak is fixed with the purchase of about $5-$10 for caulk and a caulk gun. Whirlpool is sending a guy to look at the dishwasher. The dryer was a combination of the builder using a range plug instead of a dryer plug for the wall plug and the home improvement store bringing the wrong size hose for the dryer exhaust. I bought a new hose and a dryer plug, swapped them out, and it works fine. The funky washer smell is an ongoing issue. Part of it was from the delivery guys bringing a mile long hose and putting it into the washer drain. This caused sewer gases to escape around the hose because water in the drain normally keeps the gases from coming back up. Victory will be mine.

SS Goku

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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