All Hallows Eve

Greetings friends,

My dad loved trick-or-treaters on Halloween. He would always count them and write down weather statistics for the day. I’m not sure if later he compared them year to year or not but he had them. Usually he recorded them in the little notebooks that would fit into a front shirt pocket. There were a lot of things about my father that I am not sure if I will ever be able to fully understand but I love him nonetheless. This picture is for you dad:

Halloween Statistics 2015

This year was the first Halloween in the new house. More than likely I will not keep up the above statistics graphic. However some of the decorations and preparation for Halloween will evolve I’m sure. Here is a picture of one of the cute rugs we had on display. I also had some cool potion bottles setup but I do not have a picture of those because the candles went out in them. Halloween is actually a holiday that we enjoy so much that some things we may just keep out year round.

Treat Prep Halloween Rug

Some of the awesome Halloween finds this year were these plushies that I am calling the Four Horsemen. Odin of course isn’t new. He is the Horseman of Death and leader of the four.

Left to right: Reaper of Pestilence, Hamster of Famine, Cat of Death, and the Bat of War.

Left to right: Reaper of Pestilence, Hamster of Famine, Cat of Death, and the Bat of War.

Here is a photo of the Death Wish Coffee Halloween mug. It is spectacularly awesome! I love the depiction of the Headless Horseman from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Currently Death Wish Coffee is participating in a contest in order to win a Super Bowl commercial spot. Voting ends tomorrow so make sure to hop on over the voting page and vote for them! Click the picture of the mug to go to voting page.

2015-10-31 07.58.18

I would also like to mention a project currently going on over at Kickstarter. It is called Inspiration Dormant by David G. Forés and Play Attitude. I’ve had the pleasure of backing a few of their projects recently and the end result is always a gorgeous work of art.

Inspiration Dormant


Thank you,
Jake Jeffries

P.S. Good luck to those participating in NANOWRIMO!


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