Giving Thanks to Coffee – Do Open, Contest Inside

Greetings friends,

The subject of coffee is not new to this blog. Legend has it that coffee was discovered by an Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi. It is said that he discovered it when he noticed that his goats had an abundance of energy after consuming the bright red berries from a certain plant. Afterwards he took some of the berries to a monk at a nearby monastery. The monk disapproved of the use of the berries and threw them into a fire. The berries smelled so good while they were roasting that they were raked from the embers, ground up, and dissolved in hot water. Thus, the first cup of coffee was born.

Kaldi and his goats

During some recent research on coffee I stumbled across a book called Coffee Gives Me Superpowers by Ryoko Iwata. You can follow her endeavors at her I Love Coffee blog and on her Facebook page.

Coffee Book

A co-worker told me about a show called Dangerous Grounds. I also recently found out the shows Uncommon Grounds and The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince.

My coffee of choice is Death Wish Coffee Company. The original flavor is still my favorite. It is not uncommon for fans of the company to have mug collections. The company likes to offer seasonal limited edition mugs. Here is a picture of my collection:

Death Wish Mugs

In order to show my appreciation for coffee and for the Death Wish Coffee Company I am personally sponsoring a contest that is exclusive to the Fans of Death Wish Coffee Facebook group. If you are not currently a member of the group then now is a great time to join. Besides, there is no downside to joining. This is also your chance to win free coffee. Below are the details of the contest for your reference:

November is finally here and with it the time of giving thanks. Really every day should be a time of giving thanks but in this time of focus I would like for it to be known how thankful I am for coffee. I would like to sponsor a “Giving Thanks to Coffee” contest exclusive to the group.

I would like to see just how creative all of you are. Comment on the post (in the Death Wish Coffee Facebook group) with a coffee related haiku or poem written by you.

Example Haiku:
Coffee is my blood
I need caffeine in my veins
Or you will face death

1st place gets 1 bag of ground Cauldron Aged Pumpkin, 1 bag of whole Death Wish, 1 bag of whole Valhalla Java, and 2 DWCC stickers.

2nd place gets 1 bag of whole Death Wish, 1 bag of whole Valhalla Java, and 2 DWCC stickers.

3rd place gets 1 bag of whole Death Wish and 2 DWCC stickers.

Tell your family, friends, and acquaintances that now is the best time to join the group if they would like a chance to win!

*Disclaimer* – This contest is not sponsored by Death Wish Coffee Company, Saratoga Coffee Traders, or this fan page. The contest is sponsored by me only. Comment on this post to enter. Contest ends on Thanksgiving Day. All work remains the property of the original poster. Winners will be notified on November 30th 2015.

Make sure to join the group and enter the contest! Here is the link to the group: CLICK HERE!

If you have trouble finding the post do a search for Giving Thanks to Coffee.

Death Wish Contest

Death Wish Coffee is also a favorite of Lisa Kelly and Todd Dewey from the show Ice Road Truckers.

Here is a great lyric video for Dethklok’s “Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle” for your listening pleasure:

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries

Alien Coffee


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