A New Year Approaches

Greetings friends,

December 28th is my birthday. I turned 29 this year. It was a great birthday; it was spent with family and friends. One of my favorite gifts was a Snoopy bookend. Unbeknownst to me there are actually two bookends, I had made a comment before about how I would like to have the one I got but I didn’t know that there was a pair. I should have figured. The missing one is on its way to me now. I’ve always enjoyed the Peanuts comic strip and Snoopy especially but it seems like after my father passed I am becoming more of an avid collector of Snoopy related items. He was always a big fan and would draw Snoopy all the time. I believe in a way it is part of how I am staying in touch with my father.


The dusk of 2015 is upon us and with it the hopes that a new year brings. I wish that all of you have a Happy New Year and that great tidings come your way. One of the great tidings will hopefully be the release of Enter the Dark Watchman. I have made progress on it this year, but not quite the progress that I wish I had made. The time has come. Some of my resolutions (say what you want about them) will of course be writing related, more about that to come in the next blog post. The Dark Watchman has been leaning very heavily on my mind lately and it is killing me that I haven’t gotten it further along than what it is. There have been a few hiatuses that are not without their benefits. Some of the time was spent doing research which I believe will add to the overall story. I do however understand that there is currently a lacuna in your lives and it is my job to fix that.


For all of the other things causing cracks in your soul.

A gift that I could have done without this holiday season is the diagnosis of sleep apnea. On one hand I am glad that I finally know the cause of some of the symptoms I have been dealing with recently but on the other I am not exactly excited about the treatment for it. I am a bit overweight which I believe is part of the cause and that is something that I intend on working on as well. I need to be as healthy as I can be so that I can keep on writing stories and torturing my readers…I mean characters. The symptoms of sleep apnea that I have include excessive daytime sleepiness, snoring, breathing cessation during sleep, attention problems, insomnia, morning headaches, and irritability. The snoring is probably the worst for my health, when my fiancée is over I think the pillow keeps getting closer and closer to going over my face. The daytime sleepiness, attention problems, and irritability are the most irritating (go figure). I hate falling asleep in the middle of things I shouldn’t be falling asleep during. It makes me feel pretty worthless. It bothers me that I can’t stay focused on things. It’s hard enough having normal writer’s block sometimes let alone when that is exacerbated by having to deal with increased attention problems caused by having an awful sleep experience. I’ve caught myself being more irritable too and sometimes have to talk myself down in my head before I speak. Thinking before you speak is a good practice to be in anyways, but adding irrational irritability to the mix makes things so much worse. Soon I will be on a CPAP machine and working towards developing a much healthier lifestyle. When I sleep I will have to look like Bane for a while but it will be worth it. Hopefully with the other lifestyle changes I will be able to eventually not need the machine. Until then, I plan on fully embracing the life of a CPAP user because I want to do all I can to get better. If after the lifestyle changes and losing weight I still need the machine then so be it.


Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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