The Dark Watchman Begins

Greetings friends,

Some of you may remember my first post of the year. For those of you that don’t, below are the epic goals and resolutions of awesomeness that I mentioned for 2016.

Jake’s Epic Goals for 2016
Lose 80lbs
Complete Enter the Dark Watchman
Read at least 24 books

Jake’s Resolutions of Awesomeness for 2016
Create healthy eating habits.
Develop a regular exercise routine.
Start a regular writing regimen.

Apparently I am an Underpants Gnome. I discovered the concept of Underpants Gnomes from Steve Kamb over at Nerdfitness. An Underpants Gnome is a Gnome from the television show South Park that starts out with an idea (in this case collecting underpants) and had an end result (profiting somehow from said underpants). What they neglect to figure out is how to go from point A to point B. They end up with a big pile of underpants but never achieve making a profit them because they failed to follow through on a plan of action for the pile of underpants.

Underpants Gnomesgnomes

So far I have only taken steps toward two of the items mentioned above. I have been reading more often and I have increased my writing, at least for my blog posts. My weight keeps fluctuating but there is no significant loss, partially due to my lack of creating healthy eating habits and developing a regular exercise routine. I am no closer to releasing Enter the Dark Watchman even though I took a week of vacation in hopes of making progress on it.


What strides have I made towards the items I am failing at? I have gathered up all of my notes for my writing into one place. Now I need to go through them and organize them to what book they go with. Some of the notes got a little mixed up during the move to a new house last year.

2016-04-02 11.38.21

I have increased the amount of books I want to read to 50, which makes my current progress less but it is still a goal I intend on keeping. I have read self-help books and fitness articles. I have watched documentaries on eating healthier. I joined a gym last month and haven’t gone to work out once. I eat pizza less than I did before. Some of these things are baby steps, which are good but it’s taking me forever to get where I want to go. Some of the things are also underpants that I am collecting and doing nothing with. I think it is about time that I wear them.


It is killing me that I have all of these things started and I haven’t made much progress on any of them. It almost feels that although I have started a bunch of things that I actually haven’t started anything. The philosophy of Nerdfitness is that it doesn’t matter what your starting point is, just start. Ironically enough it seems as if I need to stop so that I can start again. I need to start with a renewed focus and not have so many projects going on at once. I can hear my future self speaking to me through time and space. Everything makes perfect sense when I hear it, but when I go to follow through on the actions I can never recall the words that were said. I feel that is only a matter of time before my future self gets frustrated enough that he will reach his hand through time and space, grip my shoulder, and drag me to where I need to be like Castiel did to Dean in Supernatural when he gripped him tight and raised him from Perdition.


Focus is my friend and I need to start hanging out with him. It is time to get shit done. If for some reason I fail, then I give Castiel permission to slap me with the same force depicted above.

2016-01-23 09.50.38

I think a part of me is worried about making Enter the Dark Watchman perfect. That might be part of why I haven’t gotten it further along. However, it will get done and in my opinion there will definitely be some great things within. I plan on continuing to work with Sean Yager for the majority if not all of the artwork. Assuming he can fit me in around his solo projects which are definitely worth checking out as well. There is a good chance that I may commission him for the cover artwork this time around too. The cover artist for Bad Blood Rising did a great job, but both of our schedules never seem to align. The protagonist of Enter the Dark Watchman is going to be an avid Death Wish Coffee drinker. Also, I plan on going forward with having lyrics featured at the beginning of the book to a song that I listened to that helped inspire the story. I enjoy providing that aspect because of my deep love of music. It always fascinates me to learn about what music has inspired other writers. Currently for Enter the Dark Watchman I am in talks with using some lyrics from the Gothfathers of Italy, Lacuna Coil. Hopefully it all works out! They want to see the final manuscript of Enter the Dark Watchman before they give approval which is understandable. I am not going to say which song though, suffice to say that if permission is granted then you can find out in the front of the book! The hardcover version will come with tarot cards. The characters depicted will be ones that are featured more in this book. The goal is still to eventually have a whole set of tarot cards! Once all is said and done I will probably make them available to purchase separately. I will also make sure there is a set of just the missing components for those that have been buying the hardcover versions of the book and would like to complete the set. The way it will work is that books 1-4 of The Dark Watchman series will have come with the full major arcana. The minor arcana will be available separate or if you missed out on the hardcover versions then you will be able to purchase just the cards at a later time.

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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