Greetings friends,

I would like to introduce to a new story of mine that I intend to finish up after The Dark Watchman series. The working title is Starfire. It is inspired by and borrows its name from one of favorite songs of all time, the song Starfire by DragonForce. In the story Starfire is going to the name of the sword wielded by the main protagonist.

Alternate history stories have always fascinated me. I have also always been interested in World War II as well, mainly from the standpoint of what have we learned and what can we continue to learn from it. That’s partly why I am drawn to such stories as the comic Uber and the novel The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick. Uber explores what would happen if super soldier programs were created on both sides. This is vaguely similar to the creation of Captain America but it goes in a different direction. The Third Reich develops the super soldiers first and the allied forces are forced to respond with their own. The Man in the High Castle explores what would happen if the Third Reich had actually won the war.

UberMan in the High Castlejpg

Another story that I love is the tale of is Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. It is the story of a village of farmers that hire seven samurai to combat bandits that intend to steal their crops. I enjoyed the original film and the anime that was inspired by it called Samurai 7. Samurai 7 is basically the same story as Seven Samurai only with giant airships, mechanical robots, and super-powered samurai. One of the things that struck me about the story is that the farmers don’t have much to pay the samurai with. In fact the only payment they can offer is rice in exchange for their services. This has the pleasant side effect of the farmers hiring humble honorable samurai.


Starfire is in my opinion going to the hardest story I have ever written and possibly one of the hardest I will ever write. I plan on researching various mythologies of different cultures, stories about World War II, and biographies of certain persons involved in World War II including some of the monsters from the Nazi side of things. The main protagonist of Starfire is going be a Jewish man that has escaped from the concentration camp where he was held prisoner. The forces of good and evil in this world are going to emanate from two different beings. Good comes from a being that calls himself God, Yahweh, etc. He states that all of the different religions in the world that believe in good worship him. The other force is of course the Devil creature and is the sole source of evil. In Starfire, the Third Reich wins the war and has set their sights on world domination with the support of evil. After years of being idle the force of good has finally witnessed enough suffering so he enlists the help of seven warriors from around the world to help rid the Earth of the Nazi scourge. The Nazi’s have great power and have control of much of the world already. The area under the Nazi’s control is called Great Germany. Japan and Germany no longer have an alliance. Another historical difference is that the Native Americans run much of the North American continent. It is known as the United Tribes of America. The difference here is that when America was invaded all of the tribes united together against the oncoming threat. Other key areas that are still separate from Germany are India, Africa, China, and Australia. The protagonist doesn’t have a name. He has forgotten it because of all the years he has just been a number. When the Great Yahweh first calls upon him he has doubts that he is up to the task of making a difference in the world. After all, he was a prisoner and made to feel less than human for years. The Great Yahweh talks him into accepting the responsibility as one of the warriors and he embarks on his quest to find the remaining warriors. All of the warriors carry swords that are imbued with special power and are associated with a creature inspired by the mythology and/or religion of the culture the warrior is from. The protagonist doesn’t have much sword training but his duty in prison was cutting grass with a sickle so he isn’t completely useless with a sword.

Song of the Lark Jules Breton

The Song of the Lark by Jules Breton. This is the painting that actor Bill Murray has said saved his life. It is also a painting that I have grown up around because my Grandmother owned a reproduction of it which was passed down to my father. The protagonist of Starfire is forced to use a sickle much like the one the woman is holding.

The idea for Starfire started out as a dream I had. In the dream I was the protagonist and it was me and a few other warriors basically taking down Imhotep from the movie The Mummy and some Goa’uld from Stargate SG-1. I was wielding a Wolfsbane sword which was a sword with 15 blades. The blades were arranged in a triangle pattern, stood vertically, and were attached to a hilt. It resembled a candelabras. The sword was meant to be held in the middle of the hilt and could control the wind and air. Like a wolf running through the forest I was able to dodge attacks and land my own with cunning fury. The Wolfsbane sword was capable of creating multiple tornadoes at once and while it didn’t grant me the ability to fly I could glide for great distances.


Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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