iClassics Needs Your Help

Greetings friends,

There is a Kickstarter currently going on in order to support iClassics that I have to bring to your attention. It is one of the best projects I have ever seen on Kickstarter. The best part is, I have backed a few of their projects and ordered from them directly and they always deliver. Not only do they deliver, but the projects are top notch. You can sense the sheer amount of love, blood, sweat, and tears that have been poured into every detail. I have never been disappointed with anything that I have gotten from them. I know with their projects that I can pledge with confidence.

I Want You

So far I have three of their projects: Ravings of Love and Death, Forgotten Colors, and The ABC’s of Edgar Allan Poe.

RavingsRavings 2Ravings 4Ravings 3

Ravings of Love and Death is an anthology that gathers some of the significant love and death stories of Edgar Allan Poe into a wonderfully illustrated masterpiece. As most of you know Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorite authors of all time and is a great inspiration to me. I also love the sketchbook that came with it.

forgotten-limited-edition-collectorsForgotten Colours2016-06-05 12.45.37

Forgotten Colors is a book of short stories that are partnered with beautiful illustrations. I have not finished reading the book, but I love what I have read thus far. The first story is about a world that is losing its color and becoming lackluster. Carmesina, the protagonist of the story embarks on a quest to restore color to the world and with it restore the world to a happier place. She is aided by a black cat. The next story is about a bird that feels out of place and is teased by his fellow birds. He leaves home and ends up discovering that he is actually from a different area and there are more birds that are like him and more accepting of his nature. When he visits his old home again the birds there are happy to see him and have missed him since he has been gone and are also more accepting of him. Of course all of this gives him a confidence boost and as such has lowered his sadness. I’m really looking forward to reading the story inspired by B.B. King as I am a fan of his music. It came with an art print of Carmesina and the black cat.

ABCABC 2ABC 3ABC 42016-06-05 12.47.27

I love this slipcover edition of the The ABC’s of Edgar Allan Poe. This book explores the 26 letters of the alphabet using the work of Edgar Allan Poe and also provides short anecdotes, inspirations, and interpretations. The poster is amazing as well; I can’t wait to hang it up in my library. I would like to have a custom frame built for it first though. The postcards are excellent collector’s items too.

My hope is that the Kickstarter is successfully funded. Please help out however you can, even if it just helping to spread the word.

Below are links to videos that highlight some of the already established works in the iClassics catalog.

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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