The Dark Watchlist: April 2017

Greetings friends,

This post is going be my version of things that I was really into for the month. I was inspired by Youtuber Nikki Limo and her videos about Shit I Really Like Right Now. I encourage you to check out her Youtube channel.

I was also inspired by a video I watched a long time ago featuring Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer doing a bit about What’s In My Bag.

When I was remembering it, I remember it being closer to the theme of Nikki Limo’s lists but it is actually more of a what they were buying from a particular store at the time. In that vein, I have decided to include a short What’s In My Bag list at the end of the Watchlist. Without further ado, please see the list below.

Starbucks DS + Energy

It should come as no shock that to anyone that I have a coffee addiction. My favorite type is Death Wish Coffee but the is this pesky thing involved with it where right after brewing it is really hot. So, instead of drinking as much Death Wish or any hot variety of coffee, lately I have been mixing it up with a chilled Starbucks drink so that I can get the initial boost to get me going without losing any taste buds in the process.

Mingua Jerky

I have my one of day job colleagues to thank for this. He introduced me to the jerky by sharing a bag that he had and I have been getting it for myself ever since. It can be found commonly at Circle K. Thus far I have tried three different varieties: Cajun, Sweet and Hot, and standard Mild. My personal favorite is the Cajun. It is spicy but I wouldn’t call it overboard by any means. If you like spicy things then the Cajun should be nice for you. I would say it is close to the spiciness of a slice of pizza that has been seasoned with crushed red pepper.

NES Classic

The NES Classic is awesome assuming that you managed to get it for the list price of around $60. Luckily, I happened to spot one sitting on a shelf in a Gamestop one day and snagged it. Prior to that I had been trying to hunt one down with no success unless I had $200+ to shell out for it. In my opinion it would not be worth that. I love having access to so many of the games that I grew up with. Lately I have been playing through the original Zelda games that are on it. I hear that there is a way (probably not legally) to rig up what is called a cherry pie with emulators but I just don’t feel like trying to pursue that method.

Five Guys

Recently our city opened up a new Five Guys, “But Five Guys is so expensive.” If I hear that line one more time…

Yes, it is more expensive than McDonald’s. You know what else, it is infinitely better than McDonald’s as well. Plus, even with a regular fry you get pretty much a bagful. The quantity and quality in my opinion make up for the price difference. I’m not rich, I’m not poor either and I’m not saying to eat there every night (doing so with ANY fast food restaurant is bad for your health) but if you frequent Chili’s, Wendy’s, Culver’s, etc. then Five Guys relatively isn’t that bad. Also, on a slightly related note here is a hilarious video with John Cho and Karl Urban.

In Treatment – HBO

I was doing a search on the Google for a show that was like House but with the protagonist being a psychologist instead of medical doctor. It lead me to the HBO show In Treatment. There aren’t as many side characters but I can see why the specific search led me to it and I am loving it so far. It is mainly from the perspective of a psychologist that is treating patients and focuses on the struggles of the individuals and some of the personal struggles the psychologist is having due to factors within and outside of the therapy sessions.

Alan Watts

I just finished reading The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts. Holy shit, reading it was a psychological and philosophical trip that I haven’t experienced since I discovered the works of the psychologist Dr. Sheldon Kopp. I’ve also read his book The Way of Zen and although I enjoyed it, it did not have as significant of an impact on me. In my opinion Alan Watts is one of the greatest contemporary philosophers. I believe that The Wisdom of Insecurity may be the most important book that I’ve read this year and possibly one of the most important books I’ve read in my life.

I am an avid reader of philosophy and discovered that this magazine exists. It was a bit difficult to find and come to find out, it is a British magazine which is part of why I struggled to find it in the United States. Thanks to Ebay, I was able to procure it and am glad that I did. It was worth the price of the magazine just for introducing me to the philosopher Derek Parfit. Derek Parfit wrote a book in 1984 called Reasons and Persons. In it, he explores the idea of what if we had the technology of teleportation. The transporter works by copying you, recreating you at your destination, and destroying the you that was copied. However, what happens if the transporter malfunctions and fails to destroy the you that was copied? Now, there are two of you that exist in the universe. Who is the real you?

This magazine was fascinating. It opened up a world of thought. One of my favorite articles in it was about a FBI agent that was responsible for shutting down one of the largest spy rings in history. It goes into detail how the agent used psychological methods to capture the initial spy and then used him to branch out and bring in the entire web. There was also some great book suggestions and an awesome section that broke down the different psychology careers.

This is a purchase based on a recommendation by Alan Watts in The Wisdom of Insecurity. He stated that the book was out of print. Using the tools available to me in today’s technological world (Ebay) I found a copy of the book that was published in 1932 and promptly bought it. It should come as no surprise that I am also a lover of vintage books.

This is also a purchase based on a recommendation by Alan Watts in The Wisdom of Insecurity. He stated that this book was out of print as well but it was easier to find than Trigant Burrow. It was published in the 1950’s. Most of the copies I found were expensive or possibly in a different language but once again Ebay came to my rescue.

Iced Earth is one of my favorite bands. They are probably tied at the top with Nightwish now that I think about it. They have a new album releasing in June and they released the pre-order information for the album this month. I ordered the limited edition because I wanted access to the LP and the exclusive art book photos and information. The artwork was partially completed by the owner of a tattoo parlor that I have had all of tattoos done at and where I plan on getting all of my future tattoos done. Here is the lyric video for the first single released from the album.

Thank you,
Jake Jeffries


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