Jake Jeffries has been an avid reader all of his life. His mother began teaching him how to read at age three with Dr. Suess and Mercy Mayer books. At age six he discovered Goosebumps and Animorphs. After that he continued with The Lord of the Rings, The Divine Comedy, The Odyssey, and The Dresden Files among many others.

His love of fantasy shines through in all of his interests. He loves role-playing games whether they are console or table-top, has an impressive film collection stocked with his favorites, a comic collection that is continually growing, and a bookshelf that is nothing to scoff at.

Writing is one of the only ways that he can get the voices in his head to be quiet. He figures that if the different characters in his head are going to interact and talk to each other anyway then he might as well chronicle everything and share it with the world.

He is a self-declared coffee and tea connoisseur. Caffeine flows through his veins along with what blood is allowed and is as crucial to his body as the need to breathe.

When he isn’t writing Jake has a day job as a Mechanical Engineer that keeps his mind busy.

He resides in Central Indiana with his family.

Fueled by:


Death Wish Coffee

Starbucks Coffee

Blogs I follow:

September Fawkes

David Farland


Recommended writing advice:

Jim Butcher

James Scott Bell

Michael Stackpole


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