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Grim Bureaucracy (Novelette)

A soul was taken before its time. The Grim Reaper is tasked with retrieving the soul from Hell. Lucifer refuses to play nice and give the soul back. The Grim Reaper is forced to suit up for battle and traverse the levels of Hell in order to free the soul from Lucifer’s hold. Armed with his strength, his scythe, and his wit he must take on the legions of Hell. If he fails, he must face the wrath of God.


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Bad Blood Rising (Dark Watchman, #0)

Vampires plague the streets of Indianapolis, Indiana. The city is a hub for the supernatural. The majority of humans unknowingly live amongst vampires, wizards, witches, and various forms of otherworldly creatures. There is a struggle in the paradigm of power between the forces of good and evil. The Legion of Light have been at war with the Order of Darkness since the beginning of time. The recent gathering of magic is evident on both sides. Vangetsu is a vampire that has been hunting the vampire that turned him for over two millennia. Now, the time has come for their paths to cross and the blood feud to come to a head. He is captured by the Legion of Light and turned into an agent to fight against the evil within the city. Will Vangetsu save the city and enact his revenge against his maker, or will he die trying?

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An Attempt To Fill The Void… (Poetry book)
Midnight Edition (2nd edition)


Enter the Dark Watchman Bad Blood Rising (Dark Watchman, #1)

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Thank you so much for your support for my project.

It means the world to me.

You will never be forgotten…


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