My hands rested on my stomach. I felt him kick. My dear boy, this was the only way I could hold him; the only way I would ever hold him. What to name him I wondered?
“Von.” I said aloud.
Von, my child, the child that couldn’t be. I wept. I stood at the edge of America’s grandest canyon with the wind whipping my hair behind me. My face, wet with tears was cool from the breeze. I could hear the sirens now, my pursuers were drawing near. Was I guilty? Yes, but did I regret it? Absolutely not, I was only guilty of love. Years ago the government passed a law forbidding the use of contraception. The result, a population explosion, the likes of which the world had never known. The government’s solution to this problem was to attack the sanctity of relationships themselves. Attraction became outlawed. Any sign of romantic interest was greeted with medication and or imprisonment. In order for pro-creation to continue, birthing centers were built. An application process was started where only the people with the genes exhibiting strong attributes were selected. I was rejected. After awhile it turned into only the people that could afford to pay became selected and were required to wear a red armband with the pagan symbol of fertility embroidered on it. I found my own way to reproduce. Von’s father was killed in front of me, he too was guilty of being in love, in love with me. I ran, but I have grown tired of running.
A loud shout interrupted my thoughts, “Freeze! You’re under arrest for the crimes of attraction and unsanctioned pregnancy!”
I turned to face my pursuers. One of the men came walking towards me with a gun pointing straight at me.
“Put your hands on your head!” The man yelled.
A smile crossed my face as I raised my hands until they were level with my shoulders. I let myself fall backwards off of the cliff and closed my eyes. My child would never see this world and that…


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