Demon in the Darkness

The revolver jammed.

Stupid gun—sometimes I think it is a stubborn sentient object that only works when it chooses to. My left arm is broken but I managed to pop the cylinder out one handed to check it. I spun it with my finger and it worked fine so I jerked the cylinder back into place and took aim again. It was hard to take aim at the demon coming toward me and steady the shot. My long silver hair and the blood flowing past my eyes obstructed my vision. It didn’t help that I barely had the energy to hold the gun either. He had really caught me off guard. He must have been one of the fallen angels to have this much strength. I managed to get one of my wings around in front me to prepare for his next attack when a flash of light went by overhead and the demon hissed. In the next instant the demon was cut in two by a flaming sword.
“Zidane are you alright?”
“I’m—fine Father, you showed up just in ti—ugh.”
My father ran over to me and slowly eased me to the ground. The blood still trickled down my face like a warm summer rain which reminded me of the last night I was with my love Rachel; the night the rapture happened. God took those already saved by his grace to Heaven to be with him. God took my Rachel. I still long for her touch but I wouldn’t want her to be here now. God has unlocked Hell and gave his angels freewill in order to test humanity. Humans are more or less just pawns now—pawns in a game of chess with no rules, only madness. Usually, they are given a choice of which side to take or they are killed or enslaved. I’ve made it my job to give humans a fighting chance. All of my life my Father has been my school teacher and combat trainer. Gabriel the archangel is my father and my mother was a human named Leah who died when I was still a child. After her death is when Father started giving me combat training. The demons were plenty before the rapture but afterwards it seems they multiplied a thousand fold with one lurking in every shadow. I’ve fought and killed many demons and legions but not even that could prepare me for a fallen angel.

I awoke laying in my bed back at home. Father must have carried me. I spun my legs off the bed and cringed from the soreness of my ribs that had a bandage wrapped around them. At least my arm was working again. God bless my quick healing ability. Leah, my Russian blue cat was snuggled at the foot of the bed. Standing up was easier than I expected so I made my way into the corridor which smelled like a bakery. Father must be making donuts! Donuts are the greatest food in existence. Forgetting about my pain for a moment I ran to the kitchen where a fresh batch was done and grabbed one that was caked with powdered sugar. I stuffed the whole thing into my mouth. How could demons hate humans so much? I could only assume that demons have never ate a donut. Oh well, that leaves more for me.
“Zidane, how are the donuts?”
“Wonderful, just what I needed. Thanks for saving me.”
“You are my son. Here, I want you to have this.”
Father handed me a golden trumpet.
“It’s the same trumpet I used to sound the rapture. I don’t have a use for it now. No matter where you are blow it and I will come running. It will also stop demons in their tracks to give you a chance to make the first attack.”
I held the horn in my hands and didn’t know quite what to say so I just hugged him. My Father was always watching over me.
“I better get ready and head out again. Thanks again Father.”
“You should stay here and rest.”
“Demons never rest. Therefore how can I? I’m taking the donuts with me. I’ll be making some donuts of my own as well; demon donuts. I know you will be watching over me.”
“Be careful son.”

I went back to my room and got dressed. Leah was circling around my legs as I made sure I had everything. I patted her head goodbye, made my way to my window, and opened it. I stepped out on the ledge and spread my wings as I jumped as high as I could into the air. The wind caught under them and lifted me higher. I wasn’t sure where I was going; I only knew what I had to do.

Every demon and corrupt angel must die.


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