Fear of the Dark

There was a knock at the door. I felt my way along the wall until I knew the door stood directly in front of me. I am legally blind but lately I had started seeing different colors surrounding certain people and certain objects. The walls were pitch black but the door was highlighted by a greyish aura. The door handle remained completely black. I unlocked the door, twisted the handle, and gave the door a tug. It opened, my leather glove made a squeaking sound against the handle as I released it.
“Alphonse, thank God your home. You won’t believe the case I have for you!” Kate exclaimed.
She pushed past me into the house. I shut the door behind her and made my way to my chair in the living room. She presumably took a seat on the couch.
“Kate, it’s nice to see you too.”
“Oh yeah, how are you?” She asked.
“Eh, still blind but besides that I can’t complain.”
“You’re blind?! Are you serious? How many fingers am I holding up?”
“Ha-ha, you’re hilarious. How many am I holding up?” I flipped her off.
“Alphonse! I am so appalled; here I thought you were supposed to be a gentleman.”
“Apparently, chivalry died along with my sight. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit Kate?”
“Well, one of our recent cases that was just supposed to be an open and shut natural cause case has developed into a possible homicide. You wouldn’t happen to be a mythological history buff would you?”
“I know enough to get by. Why?”
“The local museum curator Sherman Wilbert was found dead a couple of days ago. The coroner ruled it a natural death due to stress to the heart. He was a highly anxious individual and had a severe case of nyctophobia. His face was frozen in a look of shock or in this case fear is probably more likely. He was working late studying the Brisingamen necklace that is in town on a tour of the nation. Someone cut the power to the museum and broke in. We think Sherman was literally scared to death. However, the family suspects foul play and since they donate a lot of money to the museum as well as the city; we are forced to check every avenue.”
“Sounds to me like the Brisingamen curse.”
“The Brisingamen curse?” Kate repeated quizzically.
“The necklace is said to have great power in protecting the wielder, increasing fertility, and in bringing forth abundant harvests. In Norse mythology it was labeled as Freya’s most prized possession. Freya is the Norse goddess of love, fertility, war, and death. The deserving dead either go to Valhalla, Odin’s great hall or to Freya’s field.”
“So, I guess it would make sense then for someone to steal it. What method of foul play could have been used though? There were no marks or abrasions on the victim’s body at all.”
“Can we take a look at the body?”
“I can, it might be kind of hard for you since you kinda have that blind thing going on.”
“Oh yeah, I almost forgot.” I said sarcastically.
“Shut up.”
I got up from the chair and felt Kate take my arm. She led me through the front door which I locked behind us and out to her car. I got in the passenger side with Kate making sure I didn’t hit my head. The other door opened and Kate got in and started the car. It jerked into motion. Poison pricked my ears with their classic sappy love ballad.
“Really, Kate? This is what you’ve become?” I asked.
“Every rose has its thorn! Just like every night has its daaawwwwn!” She sang obnoxiously.
“You can stop now.”
“Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song!”
She put the song on loop and continued to sing the entire trip to the county morgue. Somehow, I survived. I should be given a medal. The headline for tomorrow’s newspaper almost read blind man kills detective and then kills self. Anyone that read on would find out that poison the band was to blame. Kate stopped the car and got out. My door opened and she grabbed my arm again. She led me into the morgue. It smelled kind of like—onions.
“Kate, I don’t remember the last morgue I was in smelling like onions.”
“Don’t mind that! That’s just my Philly cheese steak sandwich loaded with extra onions. I’m Jack; they like to call me Jack the Ripper that they do. It’s nice to meet ya sir!”
“Likewise, so where is the victim—Jack.”
“Right here, what are you blind?”
Kate coughed loudly.
“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t know; that I did not.” Jack apologized.
“It’s ok; I didn’t think you would be eating in the same room with the victim.”
“Turns out that’s what the victim had for dinner the night before he died, when I was examining his innards it made me start to crave one that it did.”
“Don’t be such a prude. Anyways, if you’re a blind man then how are you going to examine him?”
“I just need to touch him. I have a sort of knack for finding out useful information vicariously by touching someone.”
“Whatever you say man and you thought I was strange that you did.”
I took my glove off and began to feel around in front of me. I felt Kate’s soft warm hand take mine and guide it to the victim. Sherman Wilbert’s body was very cold, almost too cold. Black and crimson energy surrounded his body. Definitely signs of foul play. There was also a hint of blue energy around his heart. All of a sudden the black and crimson energy turned blue as well and started to swirl toward my hand, around my hand, and started to creep up my arm. My hand felt frozen solid. I pulled my hand away and backed away from the corpse falling to the floor in the process. The blue energy swirled and started to flow back into the body. Somehow it knew I could see it.
I felt Kate grab my shoulders, “Alphonse, are you ok?”
“My hand feels frozen, besides that I’m fine. I can tell you that this was foul play. Jack should check his heart; I think he will find some frostbit tissue there. His heart didn’t stop because he was afraid of the dark; it stopped because it was frozen.”
“No way in hell man.” Jack said.
Kate grabbed my hand with hers, “Alphonse, your hand is freezing. What happened? Here I’ll warm it up.”
Kate held my hand with both of hers and breathed on it. Golden energy was flowing through her touch and her warm breath. I heard the door open.
“Hello, is this the morgue?” A female voice asked.
“Yes pretty lady that it is. May I help you?” Jack replied.
“I am looking for the man that was murdered with the Brisingamen necklace in his possession.”
“Well miss, he’s just laying around if you want to come and check him out.”
“Thank you.”
The lady had an odd orange glow to her. She walked over to Sherman’s body and put her hand over it. The blue energy started to swirl again but this time orange energy from her hand was overcoming it. The blue energy disappeared. A white ball of light remained that she clutched and then put in her purse.
“Ma’am, if you don’t mind me asking; who are you?” I asked.
“I am the owner of the missing necklace. My name is Lady Freya.”
My heart felt like it stopped. The room felt like the temperature dropped about fifteen degrees. Kate stopped breathing on my hand.
“Alphonse, is it just me or did it just get really cold in here?”
“I thought it was just me.”
“Nope, I definitely feel it too. The lights in the hallway are starting to go out too that they are. What the hell is going on?” Jack asked.
“You lot are getting ready to find out why people are afraid of the dark, the ice giant cometh and he sows darkness in his wake. My necklace would illuminate him.” Freya replied.
“Oh God, the lights are out in here now too! Jack the Ripper didn’t sign up for this, no sir he did not!”
The door sounded like it exploded inward. I turned my head to notice a figure composed of bluish energy standing there. A deep voice bellowed into the room.
“Mortals and immortals alike, I am Rimy of the ice giants. Without the necklace Freya, you are powerless to stop me. Fear me! Fear the darkness!”
“Ice giant how dare you challenge me! Show yourself!” Freya demanded.
“You can’t see him? He’s in the doorway still!” I yelled.
“You can? I told you that my necklace would illuminate him. He hides in the darkness. From what I could tell you were blind.”
“I can see colors. He is blue, you are orange, Kate is golden, and Jack is green.”
“Astounding, you have somehow managed to activate your third eye despite your handicap. You humans are brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Blind man, you will be my eyes?” Freya asked.
I stood up and made my way to Freya’s orange aura. I stood behind her and grabbed her arm. I lifted it so her hand focused on Rimy.
“How very…intimate.” Freya stated.
“Less talk, more vanquishing. Kate and Jack you better be on the ground as low as you can go. Freya…fire now!”
Orange energy flowed into Freya’s arm. The energy formed a ball in her hand and then a beam of orange flashed across the room. Rimy, the blue aura in the doorway rolled out of the way of the blast and fired back a blue beam. I threw myself to the ground and took Freya with me. We dodged the icy blue blast. Freya’s orange glow leapt toward Rimy’s blue aura. She must have pinpointed the origin point of his blast. The two auras weaved around each other. Every once in a while you could see a ball of energy form and smack into the other. It started to rain in the room. What looked like two orange hands wrapped around what appeared to be a bluish neck. The longer the hands held the dimmer the blue energy became until the blue energy dissolved all together. It appeared Freya had won. Her hands searched Rimy’s body until she uncovered the brightest ball of golden energy I had ever seen. The light of Brisingamen, she had her necklace back.
“I hoped sending it on a journey through your country would help stimulate love and peace but it failed. Your country is too sick, too broken. The Order of Darkness is too powerful for me to handle. Odin help you, you need a hero; someone to save you from the darkness, what you really need is a watchman.”


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