Sterling Supernatural Securities

Commentary: This was a fun short story to write. It depicts an early stage of Selene before I decided to upgrade the political scale of wizards and witches in the Dark Watchman series. Instead of Sterling Supernatural Securities now we have the Legion of Light. At the moment, I don’t have any current plans to include fairies and gnomes in the Dark Watchman series but we will see what happens. If they would be integral to the story then I may reconsider. I wanted to depict bitterness between fairies and gnomes reminiscent of the feud between elves and dwarves in Lord of the Rings.
I stood directly outside of the door to Sterling Supernatural Securities looking up at the doorknob. My heart was beating quickly. This was my last chance to find a job. I flew up to the doorknob, gave it a twist with both hands, and pulled. The door opened and I flew inside. Since I was not familiar with the building I decided to walk instead of fly once I entered. I landed softly and walked over to the right to where the receptionist desk was. The receptionist took one look at me and raised an eyebrow, “May I help you?”
“I am here to apply for the detective’s assistant job. The ad I saw said that you were looking for someone with abilities.”
“You need to talk to Ms. Sterling.” She picked up the phone and hit a couple of buttons. “Ms. Sterling, there is a young gentleman here to see you. He appears to be a…fairy— yes Ma’am. Ok, I will send him right in.” She placed the phone back on the receiver.
“Ms. Sterling will see you now. Her office is in the back left corner.” She pointed her ridiculously long fingernail toward the back left of the open area of the room where a door stood open.
“Thank you.” I gave her a head nod and turned toward the direction she pointed.
I had to walk around some cubicles that were set up. Walking is so much slower than flying. I entered Ms. Sterling’s office and she gestured toward a small round table kind of like the kind in human Kindergarten classrooms with a small chair set up to the right. She got up and walked over to a large chair that sat behind the small table. She had on a slim black dress with knee-length black boots and black leather fingerless gloves that had enchantments carved on them.
She carried a clipboard in one hand and leaned over the table and held out her other hand, “Hi, I’m Selene Sterling. I understand you’re applying for the detective assistant job?”
I shook her hand, “Yes that is correct.”
“Go ahead and take a seat.”
I sat down in the small chair and she sat in the in large one.
“That is a very nice black suit you are wearing. I didn’t know they made them that small. Your hair style looks kind of Elven, I like it.” She complemented.
“Thank you, I have them tailored. I like this hairstyle too.” I ran a hand down one of the tendrils of red hair that fell down the front of my suit.
“Tailored? That can’t be cheap. How are you out looking for a job if you can afford that?”
“Until recently, I was employed by a band for their security and pyrotechnics.”
“Security and pyrotechnics?”
“One of my abilities is the ability to control fire. I am a fairy from the House of Mir.”
I snapped my fingers and a flame appeared above my pointer finger. I blew it out.
“Impressive! I notice here on your application that you didn’t put your full name on it. Was that intentional?” Selene furrowed her eyebrows.
“Actually, yes it was. Fairies have to be careful of who they give their actual name to. I didn’t want to give it unless I knew for sure I had the job.”
“Fair enough, now let’s see. Tooth fairy? Really?” She smirked.
“Yeah, I know. I was drafted so I didn’t have a choice.”
“You know, like how humans can be drafted into the military when the government wants them to.”
“Oh, ok. I didn’t know the fairy government could do that.”
“It depends on what kind of mood Queen Titania is in at the time. I got the pleasure of coming to age when she was having a kind of fairy menopause if you will. When you’re immortal you have more than one. The ice age was the worst one from what I’m told.”
“The ice age was cause by Titania?” She raised her eyebrows.
“Oh yeah, it was her alright. The reason continental drift even occurred was because King Oberon kept trying to flee from her wrath.”
“Interesting, hopefully I don’t have multiple menopauses.”
“What classification are you?”
“I am a witch.”
“If I am correct a witch’s lifespan is just stretched out. Yours comes later than what it does for humans but is still proportional, aside from the fact that you still have powers to use.”
“That’s good to know.” She breathed a sigh of relief.
Just then something exploded out of the floor behind me. I turned to look. A gnome about a foot taller than me stood there with a very angry look on his face. He looked like he was about to have a three foot tall fit of fury. He wore a tan dress coat over a white button up shirt and blue slacks with a red bowtie fastened around his neck that poked out from beneath his thick twitching beard.
“A fairy, I will be damned before I take on a fairy for my partner! Fairies are the most dishonest, tricky, shysters in existence! I wouldn’t trust a quid in the hands of a fairy, let alone my life! They are the epitome of unscrupulous!” The gnome screamed waving his hands wildly, his long brown hair shook and dirt fell from it onto the floor.
I created a ball of fire with my hands and thrust my right hand toward him sending the fireball hurtling toward him. He stepped backwards leaving a stone replica of himself where he once stood. The fireball smashed into the stone replica and shattered it.
“Damn you fairy!” He screamed.
He formed a baseball sized stone with one hand and hurled it at me. I teleported into the air and hovered above the table. The stone ball headed straight for Selene. She caught it and turned it over in her hand. A burst of blue flame exploded out of her hand turning the stone to ash. Her black hair billowed behind her from the sudden rush of oxygen to the flame. She blew the ashes into the air.
“Release the iron chains that bind.” Selene snapped her fingers.
A chain appeared from the floor and wrapped itself around the gnome. Another chain dropped from the ceiling and wrapped itself around me. The iron instantly gave me a headache. I couldn’t move.
Selene pounded her desk, “Detective Loth! You are out of line! Don’t forget who your superiors are, you are in no place to smash in here and tell me who you will or will not be partners with!” The fire in her eyes burned brighter than the fire in her hands just a moment ago. “You need someone that can patrol the air and that has abilities of his own. Maybe this fairy will help keep you in line. Now, I’m going to let you go. This will be your last warning about smashing into my office. There is a damn door right there; I suggest you use it on your way out Gil.” Selene waved her hand and the chains released us.
I teleported back down into the small chair. Gil fixed the hole in the floor and stomped off to his office which was next door. Selene glared at him the whole time. After a moment a loud clang came from Gil’s office.
Selene raised her hand to her face and rubbed her eyebrows slowly, “Gil, what in the Hell was that?!”
Detective Loth screamed from his office, “Curse the Heavens, Why? Who would do such a thing? For the love of King Kyrie!”
Selene asked again with an irritated tone, “What is it?”
“Someone placed a bucket of salt above my door…there goes the rest of this gosh forsaken day!”
Selene smiled.
“Was that your doing?” I asked
“That man infuriates me so. I’m not the one that set the bucket, but I may have let it slip that gnome-kind has a weakness of having to count every grain of salt that spills in front of them.”
“That is cruel, when it happens to me. Fairy-kind have the same weakness. Some gnomes rather deserve it when it happens to them though.”
“So, you fairy from the House of Mir, the job is all yours.”
“Thank you Ms. Sterling. I won’t let you down!” I flew up to her and offered her my hand, “My full name is Voralor Mir by the way.”
“Voralor Mir, you start first thing tomorrow morning.”


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