The Never-Ending Journey of Odysseus

Commentary: This is a fun short story that I wrote during my freshman year of high school (2001). We had just finished reading The Odyssey by Homer and were assigned a creative writing paper. I decided to write what amounts to a fan fiction that combines the worlds and characters of The Odyssey and Dragonball Z. I give my deepest respect to Homer and Akira Toriyama. They are both powerful influences of mine.


“Are the horses ready for the journey that lies ahead?” asked Odysseus.

“No, we have yet to put the rations on the load sir,” replied Philoetius.

Odysseus, Penelope, Telemachus, Eumaeus, and Philoteus were preparing to set off on the journey that Odysseus must take to make up for blinding Polyphemus, the son of the sea god Poseidon. They decided to rest the night in Ithaca and set out on the horses at daybreak.

“It is time for us to go,” yelled Odysseus.

They got on the horses and headed toward the east with no direction on where to go. The fellowship of five made it to a town called Ginger Town. Ginger Town was under attack by a creature that had abilities that rivaled or surpassed the god’s abilities. The creatures name was Cell and he was made of cells from many of Earth’s and the universe’s strongest heroes and villains.

“What is this horrid creature?” asked Penelope.

“I have no idea,” replied Odysseus. “I just want to know how something can be so powerful and not be a god.”

“Look in the sky,” screamed Eumaeus.

Beams of energy came from two warriors flying in the air. The creature retaliated with a beam of his own energy and the three blasts hit each other with an explosion cancelling each other out. The two warriors landed and revealed themselves.

“Who are you two?” asked Cell. You’re not that bad at fighting but still you are nothing compared to me since I am the strongest being in the universe.”

“Hah, you the strongest being in the universe? You cannot even begin to imagine the power that I have inside of me,” replied the shortest warrior. “I am the Prince Vegeta of the Saiyan race. We come from a planet called Vegeta named after my father.”

“Who is the other one?” asked Cell.

“I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to good, nightmare to you!” replied the taller Saiyan warrior. “My name is Goku and I will not allow you to kill all of these innocent people.”

“Well, I think a couple of more of your friends want to fight too so I’ll make a fighter for each of them,” said Cell hastily.

Cell then made three smaller copies of himself which he called Cell juniors for Odysseus, Telemachus, and Vegeta to do battle with.

“Is this some kind of joke?” exclaimed Telemachus. “How do we defeat an enemy who can multiply himself?”

The Cell juniors then started to attack Earth’s greatest hope for survival.

“If you cannot defeat my kids, you cannot even hope to defeat me,” yelled Cell.

“Don’t get your pride up too much, Cell, for I am an ascended Super Saiyan with what should be enough power to defeat you,” said Goku calmly.

Goku clenched his fist and transformed into an ascended Super Saiyan. His hair turned yellow with many spiky tufts and his eyes turned solid green. His power grew to one hundred times his original power level.

“Zeus, can we please help Odysseus and Telemachus with the battle so that they are not easily defeated?” pleaded Athena.

“Yes, I think it would be wise of us to do all we can to help since Cell is more powerful than both of us put together,” replied Zeus. “We will enter Odysseus’ and Telemachus’ bodies and give them strength and fighting power no mortal human can think of controlling.”

Zeus entered Odysseus’ body and Athena entered Telemacus’ body. Odysseus’ rage then took effect and he slaughtered the Cell junior as if it were nothing. Telemachus took a while longer than Odysseus but he eventually severed the head and every other limb from the Cell junior’s body. Vegeta powered up his ultimate attack, Final Flash, and unleashed the extremely powerful but beautiful beam of energy at the last Cell junior and disintegrated the poor child-like version of Cell into nothing.

“Now, Cell, it’s time for me and you to fight to the death,” said Goku.

“You should be honored to fight a villain with my kind of power.” boasted Cell.

“Actually, I am more disgraced than honored to fight an egotistical ugly creature such as yourself,” replied Goku sarcastically.

“Why you dirty Saiyan,” screamed Cell. “You will pay for mocking the all-powerful Cell!”

“KA ME HA ME HAAAAAAAA!” Cell powered up his greatest attack the Kamehameha wave and sent the blast of energy at Goku knocking him back to a regular Saiyan.

“There is only one way to defeat him,” whispered Goku to Odysseus. “We must fuse together to become the ultimate warrior.”

“How do we do that?” asked Odysseus.

“Put this earring on your left ear. I’ll put mine on my right and we will be fused,” answered Goku.

“Alright, if you say so,” replied Odysseus.

They put the earrings on and fused to form one person with a power level double that of Cell’s. They became Godysseus and took on a more muscular look and cockier attitude than that of Goku or Odysseus.

“Cell, now the tables have turned,” said the fused fighter. “I now have enough power to destroy three of you if I wished.”

“You are bluffing of course. No warrior can surpass me!”

“I am Godysseus. I am also your Grim Reaper Cell,” said Godysseus confidently.

Godysseus powered up to his highest power stage and performed his strongest attack.

“Now, Cell, you die!” screamed Godyssues. “ULTIMA!”

The gigantic ball of energy completely destroyed Cell including the last particle of life that he had left. Godysseus took off the earrings and returned to being Odysseus and Goku. The town rejoiced with a banquet for the heroes. The next day at daybreak our heroes set out again with two new companions, Goku and Vegeta. They then came to a place called the Ruins. There is a legend that a dragon dwells in the middle of the Ruins between Ginger Town and the rest of the land beyond. Our heroes traveled quickly to try and get out as fast as they could but were soon caught.

“ROARRRRRRR,” bellowed the dragon.

“Was that the d-d-d-dragon?” asked Philoeteus

“Yes, it should pose no threat for us since Goku is with us,” said Telemachus.

“I’m still weak from the last battle with Cell so I wouldn’t be so sure since we don’t know how strong it is,” replied Goku.

Our heroes now reached the center of the Ruins where the dragon stood glaring at them with hungry glowing red eyes.

“You have disturbed my slumber, now I must eat you all one by one,” roared the dragon.

“I don’t think so!” replied Odysseus angrily.

Odysseus unsheathed his sword his sword and jumped on the back of the dragon and with the sword attempted to behead the beast and failed by dropping the sword onto the ground. Telemachus then grabbed the sword and threw it into the eye of the dragon.

“ROARRRRRRR,” cried the dragon in agony. “You have blinded my eye so for that you must suffer in Hades!”

The dragon took a deep breath and unleashed a firestorm from his mouth engulfing everything in front of him. Everyone besides Odysseus and Telemachus took cover behind a huge boulder. Odysseus still clung to the back of the beast.

“TELEMACHUS!” yelled Odysseus.

Telemachus was reduced to a pile of ash by the flames. His sword lay beside the ashes. Odysseus jumped down, grabbed the sword which burned his hand from the heat, and leapt into the air with the blade coming down upon the dragon’s neck which severed its head from its body. They buried the ashes of Telemachus and all wept except for Goku and Vegeta before continuing their journey. They reached another town at daybreak the next day.

“Is that a winnowing shovel you got there on your shoulder, sir?” asked a nearby farmer.

Odysseus jumped off the horse and said, “No, this is an oar, stranger. It is used to row boats across huge amounts of water called seas which are ruled by the sea-god Poseidon,” replied Odysseus.

Odysseus planted the oar in the ground and sacrificed a ram, a bull, and a boar to Poseidon. They then returned to Ithaca and offered hecatombs to all the gods on Mount Olympus. Odysseus continued being ruler of Ithaca and had another son named Telemach. He lives in peace and receives blessings from his people for many years that have passed and are yet to come.


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