“Don’t you dare run. If you make me run so help me God!” I yelled at the suspect.
The bastard ran. Why do they run knowing that sooner or later they will be caught and we will be that much more pissed off? I chased after him through the alley and into the street. He jumped onto a shuttle bus carrying tourist from all over the galaxy to gamble, get wasted, and partake in all of the exotic pleasures that the leyline has to offer. I took the black glove off of my right hand, placed it in my pocket, and jumped on a parked hovercycle. With my bionic hand I gave the bike a jolt and it hummed to life.
“Hey! That’s my hovercycle!” A man screamed as he ran towards me.
“It’s alright! I’m a Federation Marshal!” I pointed to the badge that hung around my neck.
I took off on the bike following the leyline shuttle. The suspect was at a disadvantage. The bike could move at much faster speeds and navigate through the thick traffic. The distance between us was closing. The suspect started to fire some antique metal rounds at me from a pistol while hanging from the rear. I deflected them with my bionic right arm. The shuttle bus slammed on the gravity brakes causing the suspect to lose his grip and fall to the ground. I brought the hovercycle to a halt and walked over to him. The gun was lying next to him so I bent down, picked it up, and squeezed it into a mangled mess. I dropped the gun and placed my boot on his chest.
“So tell me friend, you’re Jarvis Mendel are you not?” I asked.
“Yes.” He said with a smile.
“I am Federation Marshal Donovan Witter. You have the right to remain stupid. Jarvis you are the primary suspect in the killing of Intergalactic Judge Anthony Patterson. As such, you have voided every other right normally constituted by the intergalactic judicial system. Would you be so kind as to tell me why in the hell you have a smile on your face?”
“Look up.”
I looked up to see a large ship hovering above the plasma shielding that kept the leyline protected from space. A burst of energy erupted from the ship and created a hole in the shield. A smaller ship flew out of the large ship along with some other objects that seemed to be falling straight down.
“What fresh hell is this?”
“Marshal, allow me to introduce you to my friends, the Pirates, visiting from Zerospace.”
The smaller ship flew by and had the trademark pirate insignia of a zero painted on it. The other objects finally landed as well and appeared to be young arachnids. There are some things in this world that I hate and then there are things in this world that I absolutely abhor with the utmost level of detest. Pirates and arachnids both belong to the latter. It was only then that I realized the arachnids hadn’t fallen from the sky but rather dropped down from the opening by means of their web. The arachnid closest to me created a ball of webbing between its forelegs and launched it at me. I rolled out of the way and the ball of webbing smacked into a shuttle car and burnt through the door. The unsuspecting passenger’s legs were removed, cauterized by the acid contained in the arachnids webbing. The sound of chaos filled the air. Screams erupted as arachnids tore apart the strip and flung bodies through the air as if they were nothing. The smaller ship landed next to Jarvis. The cockpit opened up and Jarvis got in. Another arachnid jumped through the air and landed directly in front of me. I willed my bionic arm to withdraw my hand and form into my plasma blaster.
“Eat this you arachnid bastard!” I cried and fired a burst of energy into its face.
The arachnid exploded in all directions. Gunk sprayed over all the shuttle cars in the near vicinity. The other arachnids in the area approached with caution. I kept my blaster charged and altered which one I was aiming at every few seconds.
“I’ll be damned before an arachnid turns me into dinner.” I muttered under my breath.
I took off running parallel to the line of arachnids forming in front of me. I jumped into the air and fired two plasma shots at the line causing two arachnids to burst into slime. My body hit the ground and I rolled into a crouch position behind an overturned shuttle car. A horn sounded. I looked over the car and up to see the smaller ship was returning to the main pirate ship. The arachnids climbed back up their webs. After the ship and the arachnids had all returned the pirate ship flew off. The atmospheric shield quickly repaired itself before too much of the controlled atmosphere could escape from the gap. I looked around at the overwhelming destruction. My arm starting beeping, telling me that the reactor charge was running low on energy. There was a neon sign hanging across the street that said Old Time Bar. I started walking making my way over the rubble. I walked in and made my way behind the bar. There were bottles lining the wall. Where was it? I spotted it on the bottom row; the black bottle that could withstand time itself and bore the name of my good pal Jack Daniels.
“Hey! You’re not supposed to be back here!” The barkeep shouted.
“It’s alright, I’m a Federation Marshall.” I pointed to the badge that hung around my neck once more, only this time with a little less enthusiasm.
I removed the lid from the bottle, placed it against my lips, and turned the bottle upside down.


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